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Phonak Receiver 4.0

Side: Right
Strength: S - Standard
Length: 0
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Phonak Speaker 4.0

Phonak Generation 4.0 receiver with new connector. (3-pin)

If your hearing aids sound duller than usual and speech is not being transmitted cleanly, the filter in the receiver may be clogged. Simply replace it and see if the sound quality improves. If it doesn't, the receiver may need to be replaced entirely.

The earpieces are available in 3 performance classes:

  • S is the standard earpiece for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • M is one size stronger and
  • P is the high-performance receiver for severe hearing losses

Please note that changing the type of receiver will likely require reprogramming your hearing aids! Be sure to discuss this with your hearing care professional beforehand.

The Phonak Receiver 4.0 is suitable for the following Phonak hearing aid models

If you use other Hearing aids from Phonak, the Phonak xS receiver is the appropriate one.


  • Spare part for Phonak hearing aids
  • External receiver for Phonak hearing aids
  • Small design with color coding
  • Change requires a little skill and a steady hand

Technical data:

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Phonak external receiver 4.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Volker R
Fast delivery

Unproblematic and quickly I got the speaker and so also the telef. discussed error could be fixed quickly.

Thorsten Reibel
Spare parts delivery

Perfect, after a short telephone consultation, the error was identified and the replacement part (speaker) was sent. Exchange very simple.

Theo Böhler
Good goods

Gute Ware, freundliche Gespräche, jedoch lange, lange Lieferzeit!
i hope that this is not always the case.

Dr. Hartmut M.
Sound advice with top service

At first I was disappointed that the top Phonak device on the left side had given up the ghost. The acoustics master reassured me that I had done nothing wrong. It was apparently a very rare fault with the small cable with cap that plugs into the ear. SecondEar immediately sent me a new part, which - with a little skill - I was able to replace myself: Little plug out and new little plug in at the end of the hearing aid. SecondEar did not reimburse me for my repair work, but did not charge me for the replacement part either. This was an optimal remote service between Berlin and Nuremberg.

Günter Gellfart
Phonak earpiece

Der EX-Hörer von Phonak wurde schnell geliefert alles OK

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