Audio Service Wax Guards HF3 and HF4 Black

Side: HF3 - 3mm
Power Level: Red
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Audio Service HF3 and HF4 Wax Guards for hearing aids

HF Black Wax Guard is the premium Wax Guard system with self-cleaning effect for hearing aids.

Whether you're playing sports or walking on the beach, you don't want to miss out on good hearing. Actually, hearing aids are already quite outdoor specialists, but they also need a little care. The HF Wax Guards sit directly in front of the receiver outlet and prevent dust or moisture from getting into the receiver membrane. The "earpiece outlet" must remain clear to ensure good sound transmission and prevent repairs.

The high-tech Wax Guard HF provides optimal protection for your hearing aids. The material is dirt and moisture resistant and promises distortion-free transmission even after several weeks of wear.
Please note that the Wax Guards are available in two different sizes. HF3 Black and HF4 Black. The color of the Wax Guards only serves as a side marker for in the ear hearing aids, but is not otherwise essential. So you can also just use red or blue Wax Guards for both hearing aids.

HF3 or HF4 Wax Guards are used by many hearing aid manufacturers. For example, the Wax Guards fit not only Audio Service devices, but also Signia hearing aids, Hansaton hearing aids and various models from other manufacturers.

Operating Instructions:

  • To replace the Wax Guard, please use the included tool.
  • To remove, gently twist the side with the thread into the Wax Guard to be replaced, then pull it straight out.
  • Use the other side of the tool to remove a new Wax Guard from the package and insert it in the same place.
  • The different colors are only to help distinguish the sides (right hearing aid = red / left hearing aid = blue)


  • Hearing aid premium Wax Guard
  • Dirt and Wax resistant
  • Protects the speaker of your hearing aid
  • Distortion-free sound transmission


  • Practical and easy to use
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Distortion-free up to 90% contamination
  • Attenuation at higher contamination levels indicates Wax Guard change is due
  • Acoustically transparent

Technical data:

  • Diameter HF3 black: 3 mm
  • Diameter HF4 black: 2.4 mm
  • Color coding: red or blue
  • Acoustically transparent

    Scope of supply:

    • 1x Audio Service HF Wax Guards
    • Content: 16 pieces

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    Audio Service Cerumenfilter HF3 und HF4 Black

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