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Starkey Hörgerät Starkey Livio Starkey Hörgerät AI 1000 / IdO / Akku Starkey Livio
Starkey Starkey Livio
From $600
Phonak Hörgerät 90 / Batterie / Hellrosa Phonak Virto Marvel Phonak Hörgerät 90 / Batterie / Alpinweiß Phonak Virto Marvel
Phonak Phonak Virto Marvel
From $890
Not remotely adjustable
Phonak Hörgerät 90 / Batterie / Pink Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium Phonak Hörgerät 90 / Batterie / Kakao Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium
Signia Hörgerät 7X / Batterie / Schwarz Signia Silk X Signia Hörgerät 7X / Batterie / Mokka Signia Silk X
Signia Signia Silk X
From $890
Signia Hörgerät Active Pro / Akku / Weiß / Rosé Gold Signia Active Signia Hörgerät Active Pro / Akku / Schwarz Signia Active
Signia Signia Active
From $825
Signia Hörgerät 7AX / Charge & Go Akku / Schwarz Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Signia Hörgerät 7AX / Charge & Go Akku / Dunkelbraun Signia Insio Charge&Go AX
Audio Service Hörgerät G6 16 / Batterie Audio Service quiX
Widex Hörgerät 440 / IIC Widex Moment Widex Hörgerät 440 / CIC Widex Moment
Widex Widex Moment
From $1,090
Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / CIC / Beige Bernafon Zerena Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / CIC / Hellbraun Bernafon Zerena
Bernafon Bernafon Zerena
From $790
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / IIC / Beige Oticon Opn Oticon Hörgerät 1 / IIC / Hellbraun Oticon Opn
Oticon Oticon Opn
From $1,290
Not remotely adjustable
Starkey Hörgerät iQ i2400 / IdO / Schwarz Starkey Soundlens Synergy
Starkey Starkey Soundlens Synergy
From $1,090
Signia Hörgerät 7Nx / IIC 10 Batterie / Links Rechts Schwarz Signia Insio DRAFT Signia Hörgerät 7Nx / IIC 10 Batterie / Dunkelbraun Signia Insio DRAFT
Signia Signia Insio Nx
From $700
Unitron Hörgerät 9 / ITE / Tan Unitron Discover Next Insera Unitron Hörgerät 9 / ITE / Braun Unitron Discover Next Insera
Philips Hörgerät 9000 / ITC / Mittelbraun Philips HearLink IdO Philips Hörgerät 9000 / ITC / Hellbraun Philips HearLink IdO
Philips Philips HearLink ITE
From $790
Not remotely adjustable
Audio Service Hörgerät G5 16 / Batterie / Schwarz Audio Service Icon G5
Not remotely adjustable
Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / 10 Batterie / Beige Hansaton Jazz XC Pro Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / 10 Batterie / Kakao Hansaton Jazz XC Pro
Hansaton Hansaton Jazz XC Pro
From $990
Not remotely adjustable
Audio Service Hörgerät G5 16 / Batterie / Schwarz Audio Service Ida BT
Not remotely adjustable
Audio Service Hörgerät G5 16 / Batterie / Schwarz Audio Service Ilea

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids

Are you looking for a hearing aid you can wear inside your ear? This type of hearing aid is completely invisible because the device is placed directly in your ear canal. The hearing aid is custom-fitted to your ear canal for optimal comfort.

If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss, you may be well-advised to choose an ITE hearing aid. In the United States, about 10% of hearing aid users opt for ITE devices. The production and fitting is done individually. For this purpose, your audiologist makes an impression of your ear. You can choose from different colors for your hearing aid, so if you don't want others to be able to immediately identify you as a hearing aid user, you can choose the color according to your skin tone.

In-the-ear Hearing Aid Variations

There are three different types of in-the-ear hearing aids:

  • CIC hearing aids: Hearing aids of this type are placed deep in the ear canal and thus are almost invisible - best suited for a minor to moderate hearing loss. The batteries of this model usually have a longer life span.
  • ITC hearing aids: These hearing aids are barely visible and are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. They are very small in design and require equally small batteries. These batteries usually require a fairly frequent change.
  • ITE hearing aids: This type of hearing aid is placed directly in the pinna and is the largest design of the in-the-ear hearing aids. The size offers advantages in the operation and care of the hearing aid.

Prerequisites for ITE Hearing Aids

Three prerequisites must be known before choosing an ITE hearing aid:

  • Because your ear canal is "plugged" by the hearing aid, you have to get used to the occlusion effect. The effect describes the perception of your own voice in a muffled manner.
  • The performance level of these small devices is limited, so you should only choose them if you have a low to moderate hearing loss.
  • Your ear canal must be large enough for the hearing aid to be placed inside of it.

What do ITE Hearing Aids cost?

In-the-ear hearing aids at MySecondEar cost between $600 and $1,690 per ear.