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Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / Akku / RIC Bernafon Alpha Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / RIC Bernafon Alpha
Bernafon Bernafon Alpha
From 1.090 €
Bernafon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Metallic Anthrazit / Metallic Silber Bernafon Entra A Bernafon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Metallic Silber Bernafon Entra A
Bernafon Bernafon Entra A
From 600 €
Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / CIC / Beige Bernafon Zerena Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / CIC / Hellbraun Bernafon Zerena
Bernafon Bernafon Zerena
From 990 €
Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / RIC Akku / Silber / Anthrazit Bernafon Viron Bernafon Hörgerät 9 / RIC Akku / Anthrazit Bernafon Viron
Bernafon Bernafon Viron
From 990 €
Bernafon Hörgerät 7 / Power HdO / Bronze Bernafon Leox Bernafon Hörgerät 7 / Power HdO / Silber Bernafon Leox
Bernafon Bernafon Leox
From 1.190 €
Not remotely adjustable
Bernafon Hörgerät Pico RITE / Grau Bernafon Nevara Bernafon Hörgerät Pico RITE / Braun Bernafon Nevara
Bernafon Bernafon Nevara
1.090 €
CROS Transmitter only
Bernafon Hörgerät CROS / Akku / Bronze / Anthrazit Bernafon CROS miniRITE T R Bernafon Hörgerät CROS / Akku / Anthrazit Bernafon CROS miniRITE T R

The Company Bernafon

The company Bernafon lists its foundation in 1946, founded as Gfellner AG it originates directly in Switzerland. After initially being a telecommunication company, Bernafon soon became involved with the hearing aid industry.

It was not until 1995 that the manufacturer received its current name - Bernafon - after moving its headquarter to Bern. The current name combines the focus on hearing acoustics (fon) and the company's main location (Bern). Bernafon's novel and modern technological solutions are now respected worldwide.

Overview: Development of Bernafon Hearing Aids

1946: The very first Bernafon hearing aid was developed and launched.

1999: Bernafon launched the first hearing aid on the global market that was fully digital.

2002: Another very significant improvement in terms of digital technology occurred in 2002, when Bernafon introduced channel free technology.

2018: Bernafon's first smartphone compatible hearing aid was launched.

2020: Bernafon launched the world's first hearing aid with hybrid technology.

Bernafon's technical innovations

  • ChannelFree Technology - This technology is used for signal processing. It is particularly interesting for listening to music, because as your audio signals no longer need to be distributed over multiple channels, they become perceptible as a whole. This results in of a rich sound quality.
  • Audio Efficiency Technology - The Audio Efficiency Technology ensures better speech understanding. No matter what listening situation you are in, the technology adapts your sound experience to it and provides optimal listening comfort.
  • BeFlex Technology - BeFlex technology offers you a much more comfortable hearing aid fitting process. This is because BeFlex allows you to test out your trial device with different features to find out which technology level is right for you.
  • Bluetooth technology - Modern Bernafon hearing aids can be connected to external devices via Bluetooth. A connection to the TV or landline is possible with the according accessories.
  • DECS Technology - The DECS signal processing system does not work by hard classifications of listening environments. It captures the world around you as individual as it actually is and therefore delivers sound dynamically and adapted to your listening environment!

Bernafon Accessories

  • TV adapter - Listen to the sound of your TV directly through your hearing aids!
  • Charging Station - Charge your hearing aids in this stylish charging station. Charge for 30 minutes - listen for 6 hours!
  • Sound Clip - Broadcast the voice of speakers in up to 20 meters distance directly to your hearing aids. You may also use the Sound Clip as a personal microphone in noisy environments, or make phone calls through your hearing aids by connecting to the clip.
  • Remote control - Discreetly change the volume or program of your hearing aid with the help of this remote control.
  • Phone Adapter - Connect your landline to your hearing aids!

Here you can find more accessories from Bernafon.

Bernafon Hearing Aids Cost

Bernafon Hearing Aids cost between 600€ and 1.990€ per single hearing aid depending on the model and the desired technology level.

Bernafon Hearing Aid Price List 2023

Model Price at MySecondEar
Bernafon Alpha From 1.090€
Bernafon Entra A From 600€
Bernafon Zerena From 990€
Bernafon Viron From 990€
Bernafon Leox From 1.190€
Bernafon Nevara From 1.090€
Bernafon CROS miniRITE T R From 990€