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Unitron Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Bernstein Unitron Moxi Blu Unitron Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Magisches Mahagoni Unitron Moxi Blu
Unitron Unitron Moxi Blu
From $990
Unitron Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Prunkvolles Platin Unitron Stride Blu Unitron Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Bernstein Unitron Stride Blu
Unitron Unitron Stride Blu
From $990
Unitron Hörgerät 9 / Move Akku / Bernstein Unitron Moxi Discover Next Unitron Hörgerät 9 / Move Akku / Magisches Mahagoni Unitron Moxi Discover Next
Unitron Hörgerät 9 / ITE / Tan Unitron Discover Next Insera Unitron Hörgerät 9 / ITE / Braun Unitron Discover Next Insera
Unitron Hörgerät 9 / M Batterie / Halb Bernstein Unitron Discover Next Stride Unitron Hörgerät 9 / M Batterie / Bernstein Unitron Discover Next Stride
Not remotely adjustable
Unitron Hörgerät Shine Rev+ / RIC / Beige Unitron Shine Rev + Unitron Hörgerät Shine Rev+ / RIC / Prunkvolles Platin Unitron Shine Rev +

The Unitron Company

Unitron is a Canadian manufacturer for hearing instruments, which was founded in 1964. The company initially started out selling radios and televisions, but soon turned its attention towards the hearing aid market. Now part of the Swiss Sonova Group, Unitron has established an international presence in over 80 countries. Its headquarters are still located in Canada, more precisely in Kitchener, Ontario.

Unitron concentrates on the user. Therefore, there is a focus on personalization and convenience of hearing aids for their wearers. Unitron believes that improved hearing care leads to an improved quality of life. That's why the company develops hearing solutions that are tailored to the wearer's lifestyle. This is achieved through highly intelligent processing systems that promise exceptional, natural hearing.

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron offers RIC, ITE and BTE hearing aids. Most of Unitron's models are available in four power levels, some in five. The level of technological sophistication, as well as the different prices, are reflected in the technology levels.

The highest level of technology of Unitron hearing aids is labeled as 9 or PRO. If you have high technical requirements or maintain a demanding lifestyle, then you should reach for this version to meet your hearing needs as much as possible. The lower technology levels are suitable for people with a less demanding lifestyle.

Unitron Moxi Hearing Aids

With this product family, you can choose from a total of four RIC hearing aids. These models include Moxi Blu and Moxi Discover Next. The size of the hearing aids varies. These models are suitable for almost any degree of hearing loss. Feel free to visit the individual product pages for additional information.

Unitron Stride Hearing Aids

This product line offers you a total of three BTE hearing aids from Unitron. Stride models include Stride Blu and Stride Discover Next. For more detailed information on each device, feel free to visit the according product pages.

Tinnitus Function

All Unitron hearing aids are equipped with a tinnitus function that can assist you in your everyday life. With the help of your Unitron hearing aid, it's easy to mask your tinnitus.

Unitron Remote Plus App

Using the Remote Plus App, you can connect your Unitron hearing aids to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can now change simple settings of your hearing aids via the app - these include changes in volume or selecting different hearing programs. Likewise, when connected to your TV, you have the possibility to adjust the balance between the volume of the TV in relation to your surroundings.

Accessories from Unitron

  • Remote Control - Subtly change the volume and programs of your hearing devices with just one click using the remote control!
  • Partner Mic - Bridge distances of up to 25 meters between you and a speaker with this additional microphone. You'll receive the voice output directly through your hearing aids.
  • TV Connector - Easily connect your TV to your hearing aids and enjoy your favorite movie in a clear sound.

Find more accessories from Unitron here.

Unitron Hearing Aids Cost

Unitron Hearing Aids cost between $790 and $1,990 per single Hearing Aid depending on the Hearing Aid model and Technology Level.

Unitroon Hearing Aid Price List 2022

Model Price at MySecondEar
Unitron Moxi Blu From $990
Unitron Stride Blu From $990
Unitron Moxi Discover Next From $990
Unitron Insera Discover Next From $1,090
Unitron Stride Discover Next From $990
Unitron Shine Rev+ From $790