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Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Quarzsand Oticon More Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Platin Oticon More
Oticon Oticon More
From 1.490 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Titan Oticon Jet Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Jet
Oticon Oticon Jet
From 600 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / IIC / Beige Oticon Own Oticon Hörgerät 1 / CIC / Beige Oticon Own
Oticon Oticon Own
From 1.190 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Platin Oticon Zircon Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Perl-Schwarz Oticon Zircon
Oticon Oticon Zircon
From 1.190 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Silberweiß Oticon Opn S Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Platin Oticon Opn S
Oticon Oticon Opn S
From 1.390 €
Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Ruby 2 Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Ruby 2
Oticon Oticon Ruby
From 1.090 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / IIC / Beige Oticon Opn Oticon Hörgerät 1 / IIC / Hellbraun Oticon Opn
Oticon Oticon Opn
From 1.490 €
Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Xceed 1 Oticon Hörgerät Oticon Xceed 1
Oticon Oticon Xceed
From 1.490 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Platin Oticon Siya Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Batterie / Quarzsand Oticon Siya
Oticon Oticon Siya
From 1.090 €
CROS Transmitter only
Oticon Hörgerät CROS / Akku / Quarzsand Oticon CROS PX Sender Oticon Hörgerät CROS / Akku / Platin Oticon CROS PX Sender
Oticon Oticon CROS PX
990 €
CROS Transmitter only
Oticon Hörgerät CROS / Batterie / Silberweiß Oticon CROS Sender Oticon Hörgerät CROS / Batterie / Platin Oticon CROS Sender
Oticon Oticon CROS
990 €

Oticon hearing aids

Oticon originated in Denmark, where it was founded in 1904. Today, Oticon is part of the Demant Group and is still based in Denmark. The company has released many innovative hearing aids since its inception through which it has become one of the largest manufacturers of the industry. Oticon's products are sold in more than 100 countries, leading to the company now having over 3000 employees worldwide.

The company's philosophy

Hans Demant has founded Oticon driven by a selfless reason - because of the desire to support his hearing impaired wife. The founding history still influences the company's philosophy up to the present day: the individual consumers and their needs always come first! This social orientation is upheld by the Oticon Hearing Foundation which is dedicated to providing hearing aids for financially disadvantaged people with hearing loss, both in the U.S. and around the world. For this purpose, a recycling program, based on donations of pre-used hearing aids in good condition to those in need, has been established.

Oticon's latest hearing aids

Oticon offers hearing aids of all technology levels, price ranges and sizes. The latest models are: Oticon More, Oticon Zircon, Oticon Own, Oticon Jet,.

No matter the degree of hearing loss, all Oticon devices can be individually configured and customized according to your personal needs. Even tinnitus can be treated with the help of an Oticon hearing aid.

Technology levels

Like other hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon categorises its models in different technology levels, depending on performance features and technical equipment. You will find Oticon hearing aids labelled with the technology levels 1, 2 and 3. In this case, the 3rd level is the most basic model, whereas the 1st level promises more technical sophistication and improved sound quality. Based on your budget, your technical requirements and your lifestyle, you can choose the technological version of your new hearing aid. If you need any help for doing so, feel free to contact our hearing aid professionals (USA: +1 844-509-0324).

Bluetooth, smart home, noise cancellation - everything your ears ever wanted?

Bluetooth connectivity

Oticon hearing aids offer comprehensive bluetooth connectivity. Your hearing aids can easily be connected to electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This enables you to stream music or the sound of movies with direct sound transmission to your ear. Compatibility refers to Apple as well as selected Android products.

Smart home

Did you know there's a built-in internet connection in Oticon hearing aids? Connecting to the internet opens up new ways of hearing aid usage. You can connect wirelessly to external devices - such as smartphones and tablets - at any time. Besides, your hearing aid also connects to smart home products, such as your doorbell, baby monitor or alarm system. Your hearing aid will inform you through gentle alert tones about your doorbell ringing, your baby crying or an alarm going off.

Noise cancellation

Oticon hearing aids filter out the relevant parts of the perceived speech flow, while suppressing irrelevant background noise. In real time, your hearing aid adjusts the volume of various noise sources. The result: an improved, dynamic sound experience that focuses on what really matters.

The OpenSound Navigator and Spatial Sound LX technology occupy an important role in this process. More than 100 times a second, your environment is analyzed by the OpenSound Navigator and the entire sound image is reproduced. The sifting out of background noise takes place in a 360° radius. In addition, speech perception is evenly distributed between your two ears using Spatial Sound LX technology.

Oticon accessories for hearing aids

Oticon offers technical add-on accessories for your everyday life.

  • ConnectClip - Enables, for example, the transmission of a telephone conversation to your ear. Also the speech of more distant speakers (in meetings, church services,...) can be transmitted directly to your hearing aid if the speaker is wearing the ConnectClip.
  • Oticon Streamer Pro - Establish multiple bluetooth connections between your hearing aid and external devices. You can create up to 5 Bluetooth connections at the same time and redirect signals from different external devices to your hearing aid. The product's battery lasts up to 8 hours in active use.
  • TV-Adapter - Connect your hearing aids to your TV via the TV-Adapter in order to stream the audio and perceive it directly within your ear.

Further accessories from Oticon can be found here.

Oticon Hearing Aids Cost

Oticon Hearing Aids cost between 600 and 1.990€ per single Hearing Aid depending on the Hearing Aid model and Technology Level.

Oticon Hearing Aid Price List 2023

Model Price at MySecondEar
Oticon More From 1.490€
Oticon Jet From 600€
Oticon Own From 1.190€
Oticon Zircon From 1.190€
Oticon Opn S From 1.390€
Oticon Ruby From 1.090€
Oticon Opn From 1.490€
Oticon Xceed From 1.490€
Oticon Siya From 1.090€
Oticon CROS PX From 990€
Oticon CROS From 990€