“I was faced with the following choice: either pay extremely high prices for hearing aids or limit myself in all areas of my Life“.

This was the choice our founder Niklas faced for more than 20 years of his life. Due to a congenital hearing impairment, he has been wearing hearing aids since his childhood. No matter which hearing care pro- fessional he went to, he always encountered the same problems: lack of transparency, time-consuming adjustment processes and overpriced hearing aids.

Driven by this flawed system, Niklas made it his life‘s mission to change the hearing aid market for the better and to advance digital technologies.

MySecondEar delivers your hearing aids directly to your home! Here, they can be conveniently fitted remotely by our trained hearing care professionals at any time - whether you‘re on vacation, at a restaurant, or at home with your family.

Today MySecondEar is one of the fastest growing hearing care professionals. Thanks to optimized processes, we save high costs. These savings we pass directly to you, the customer, because we are convinced that good hearing should not be a luxury.

We work every day to create a world in which good hearing is possible for everyone, everywhere. With transparent offers, honest communication and high technological know-how. 

We have already been able to satisfy 1.000+ Customers into a new world of hearing and increased their quality of life. Our experts are always there for you.