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Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Beige Hansaton Sound ST Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Schwarz Hansaton Sound ST
Hansaton Hansaton Sound Stratos
From $1,090
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Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Silber Hansaton Beat Stratos Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Beige Hansaton Beat Stratos
Hansaton Hansaton Beat Stratos
From $1,090
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Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Schwarz Hansaton Sound XC Pro Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Grau Hansaton Sound XC Pro
Hansaton Hansaton Sound XC Pro
From $990
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Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / 10 Batterie / Beige Hansaton Jazz XC Pro Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / 10 Batterie / Kakao Hansaton Jazz XC Pro
Hansaton Hansaton Jazz XC Pro
From $990
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Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Schwarz Hansaton Jam XC Pro Hansaton Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / Grau Hansaton Jam XC Pro
Hansaton Hansaton Jam XC Pro
From $990
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Hansaton Hörgerät Flow+ / RIC / Schwarz Hansaton Flow+ Hansaton Hörgerät Flow+ / HdO / Schwarz Hansaton Flow+
Hansaton Hansaton Flow+

Hansaton hearing aids

The Hansaton company was founded in 1961. At that time, the manufacturer was limited exclusively to sales in the USA, or rather, only American hearing aids were sold by Hansaton in Europe at that time. Only ten years later, newly developed models were introduced to the market. In the meantime, Hansaton has become one of the most important hearing aid manufacturers in the world and supplies more than 70 countries with hearing aids. The high technical level is particularly noteworthy. It is not without reason that the design of these hearing aids has won many awards.

The German company is located in Hamburg and has been in business for more than 50 years. At that time it was a subsidiary of Siemens. Today Hansaton belongs to Sonova AG. Mainly Hansaton convinces with a huge range of models. You will find in-the-ear hearing aids, as well as behind-the-ear hearing aids and numerous suitable models for every type of hearing loss.

Information about the Hansaton company

In 1957, it was the founder named Rudolf Fischer who set the first stone for Hansaton in Hamburg. Uwe Fischer joined the company as the son of the founder, so that hearing aids were developed for the first time. Hansaton launched the first behind-the-ear hearing aid in the 1970s. Since then, there have been many changes and developments.

This trend was recognized by the company very early, so that an unobtrusive design of the hearing aids also plays a major role in addition to the attractive appearance and technical development.The family-owned company has been on the market for more than 50 years. In 2015, the acquisition of the Sonova Group occurred. Incidentally, this also includes Unitron and Phonak.

Sales run to more than 70 countries around the world. The manufacturer is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. It comes to the use of environmentally friendly batteries for all hearing aids. The company also stands behind the issue of climate change and supports tree planting. For every hearing aid, a new tree is planted.

The modern and up-to-date hearing aids from Hansaton

Most of Hansaton's hearing aids have up to four power levels. Depending on the level and complexity, you can also expect the corresponding price. The highest performance level offers the performance level nine and seven. You may have many requirements for your future hearing aid. Such high-tech models are suitable for a business meeting, as well as for one-on-one or group conversations in noisy environments.

The situation is somewhat different for the middle technology level with the number five. If your listening requirements are relatively simple, this mid-level may be it. You may only be in listening situations that seem predictable and not that complex.

If it may be an entry level, then performance level three will suffice. Maybe you are less socially active or mostly do one-on-one conversations in quiet environments. Exactly then it may be such an entry-level device for you. The rechargeable battery in the hearing aids will delight you.

The modern Hansaton hearing aids have become smaller and less visible in recent years, yet there has been a strong technological progress. So you don't have to sacrifice anything in terms of performance. This trend has generally developed in the field of hearing aids. Particularly modern are hearing aids, which can lie invisibly directly in your ear canal. These are characterized by an enormous power. The placement is close to your eardrum .

Hearing aids without batteries

The latest battery technology on the hearing aid market is used, for example, the hearing aid model Hansaton Sound Stratos. You can recharge this device at any time. You will also notice improved amplification performance. This model comes in four technology levels. By the way, the charging station is included.

Three different charging systems are available for you at Hansaton. All of them work fully automatically and energy-efficiently. How about the comfort charger? You can even buy a desiccant capsule as an option. Depending on how large the remaining capacity of the hearing aid battery still is, the charging time also depends on this. You can expect a maximum of 3 hours.

You also have the option of purchasing a mobile charger. You cannot replace the lithium battery. However, this stores enough power for on the go. In total, you can use it to charge two Hansaton hearing aids seven times. The status display always informs you about the current battery capacity of your battery. A particularly small and compact charging station is, for example, the Light Charger from Hansaton. This solution serves perfectly for the workplace.

Hansaton Hearing Aids Cost

Hansaton Hearing Aids cost between $900 and $1,890 per single Hearing Aid depending on the Hearing Aid model and Technology Level.

Hansaton Hearing Aid Price List 2022

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Hansaton Sound Stratos From $1,090
Hansaton Beat Stratos From $1,090
Hansaton Jazz XC Pro From $990
Hansaton Sound XC Pro From $990
Hansaton Jam XC Pro From $990