Shipping and Return

You can test our hearing aids for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with your hearing aid within this time, check out the Return process.

We can ship to most countries worldwide, but local fees and taxes may apply. Call us at + 49,30,81474953 or send us an email to to learn more about shipping to your specific location.

In Germany and the EU we ship our products insured by DHL package. As a rule, our hearing aids are shipped within 3 working days of purchase.

Shipping is free of charge in Germany from 50 €. Our hearing aids are shipped from Berlin and usually shipped within 3 working days from the time of your order. The cost and speed of shipping outside Germany vary depending on the country. Use our shipping cost calculator for this. If you live outside Germany and want to know more about shipping to your specific location, you can also call us at + 49,30,81474953 or send us an e-mail to learn more.

Repairs and Fine Adjustments

Our warranty covers any necessary adjustments. As with a visual impairment, your hearing loss can change in the course of your life, then fine adjustments must be made. Or we may need to adjust if you have become accustomed to wearing hearing aids, but this is rare. If you have a problem with your hearing aid, make sure you have cleaned or replaced your cerumen filter. If you think you need to update your customization, call us at + 49,30,81474953 or send us an email to learn more about the process.

Some repairs must be returned to the manufacturer. Many are covered by the 1-Jahres-Garantie. If we receive a hearing aid that needs to be cleaned but not repaired, there may be charges for cleaning the device. Unless you have the MySecondEar Protect subscription, which offers free cleaning every 6 months.

Not all hearing aid problems require repair. In fact, cleaning at home triggers most Problems. Leave more in the Maintenance section of your hearing aid to learn the best practices, or call us if you have a problem. If you cleaned your hearing aid but still have problems, the device may need to be repaired.


Repairs are rare and most problems with hearing aids can be solved by regularly cleaning the device. If a repair is required, our 1-Jahres-Standardgarantie covers all repairs not caused by user damage.

If you want to secure yourself beyond the warranty period, you can take out hearing aids insurance for our hearing aids. The insurance provides you with X years of worry-free protection, including one-time loss protection, unlimited repairs, and unlimited cleaning and care. Learn more in the FAQ 'Care for your hearing aid'.

Just like a pair of glasses, we need an up-to-date hearing test to adapt your hearing aids to your individual hearing loss. After submitting your hearing test, our team of hearing aid acoustics experts in-house will programme your hearing aids to suit your needs.

We want you to choose a payment method that suits you. Choose full payment today. Or pay over 24 months. Listen today, pay tomorrow. Learn more about payment options here.

Buying hearing aids with MySecondEar

Purchasing a hearing aid should be affordable, transparent and simple. We have made it our mission to give every human being access to the world of sound. Because everyone has the right to hear. We make it easy for you by giving you unlimited access to our team of experts. Learn more about how it works.


If you already have a copy of your hearing test, just send it to us. We will contact you after reviewing the test. If you have already done a hearing test but have not received a copy, you have the right to receive a copy from your doctor.

All you need to make the online listening test is an internet connection, 20 minutes of time, headphones and an initial assessment. The test is free and easy to perform. However, an audiogram from the ENT doctor is still required. After reviewing your test, our team will contact you to review the results and discuss them with you. Take the test here.

We've developed an online hearing test that lets you easily test your hearing for free. In our test, different tones are played, at different volumes. From your answers we can create a personal result and have an initial assessment of your hearing. For the online hearing test your computer does not require any special technical requirements, only headphones are recommended to minimize ambient noise. It is best to find yourself in a quiet environment, so that you can perform the hearing test undisturbed. Start the test here.

Just like an eyesight test to get the right prescription for glasses, an up-to-date hearing test is necessary to adapt your hearing aid to your individual hearing loss. If you don't have an audiogram or a current audiogram to start with. To get an audiogram, visit your ENT doctor or arrange an appointment with us in your closer.

Care of your hearing aids

Hearing aids sit in your ears and accompany you everywhere, so regular cleaning is crucial for their performance and longevity. We recommend changing the cerumen filters every 2-3 months, cleaning them if necessary and changing the Domes / screens monthly. Most performance problems can be easily solved by proper cleaning.

Our hearing aids come with a storage box, and we recommend that you keep your hearing aids in this Box if they are not worn. If you live in a very humid climate, like to do sports or if your hearing aids should get wet, we recommend a UV dry box. You can purchase these here.

Humidity is the enemy of any hearing aid. If you live in a very humid environment or are afraid that your hearing aids might get wet, we strongly recommend that you buy the UV dry box here. If your hearing aids get wet, put them in the dry box immediately to avoid damage.

About MySecondEar

We work directly with the leading European hearing aid manufacturers. We constantly test the latest hearing aids to ensure that we can offer our customers the best product.

We work directly with the leading manufacturers to keep prices down and reduce expenses. Since we buy our hearing aids in large quantities and do not have the expense of an ordinary location, we sell the same high-quality equipment as a stationary acoustician, but cheaper. It's not magic, it just feels like it.

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