Why should I buy hearing aids from MySecondEar?

As a leading digital hearing care professional and teleaudiology specialist, we offer unparalleled benefits. And here's how easy it is:

  1. You will find the best hearing aids from all leading manufacturers at particularly low prices in our online store. We will advise you by phone and send you the devices of your choice free of charge.
  2. After you have received the hearing aids, our experienced hearing care experts adjust them perfectly to your hearing via the Internet. All you need for this is a smartphone with Internet connection. You speak via video connection with our hearing care professional and can remain comfortably at home during the fitting.
  3. We take over the further processing with the health insurance for you. If you want to pay completely privately, this step is omitted.
  4. Within 6 years of purchase, we will readjust your hearing aids if necessary, for example, if their life situation or your hearing have changed. We offer this service free of charge, as often as you like. Our experts are available to you all the time with advice and support and we give you assistance in the care and maintenance of your hearing aids.
  5. Should defects occur, send us the hearing aids and we will take care of the repair. Depending on the manufacturer, different warranty periods of up to 5 years apply, during which repairs are free of charge for you.

Why is MySecondEar up to 50 percent cheaper than other providers?

In short, because we are more modern than our competitors. Traditional hearing care professionals often operate several branches, up to chains with hundreds of branches. That means high costs for staff, rent, logistics and accounting. In addition, there is expensive advertising on billboards, radio and TV.

We do away with all that by being the first hearing care company to make our processes digital throughout. Sales and the adjustment of hearing aids run completely over the Internet for us. We don't need expensive advertising because we convince tens of thousands of customers with top quality at unrivaled low prices.

Can I also visit MySecondEar in stores?

Yes. We operate branches in major metropolitan areas with modern equipment where we perform hearing tests and fit hearing aids and earpieces.

What is included in the price and scope of delivery?

We will send you everything you need to wear your hearing aids every day for the price listed on our website:

  • The hearing aids you want
  • A charging station (for rechargeable battery devices) or a pack of batteries (60 pieces)
  • Domes for the ear canal in various sizes. If you visit one of our service points in person, we can also make custom ear molds for you from a material of your choice, which will also be shipped to you.
  • Speaker filters that you can change yourself, in case your hearing aids become clogged with wax over time.
  • A cleaning kit
  • A storage case for the hearing aids

Shipping is free for you. If necessary, you can reorder all parts at any time in our online store at favorable prices (from an order cost of 49.- €, the subsequent shipping of accessories is also free of charge for you)

Can I return the hearing aids free of charge after purchase if I don't like them?

Yes, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. If you are not satisfied with the purchased goods or they do not meet your expectations, you have 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods to return them to us free of charge. We will then refund you the full purchase amount. However, we always ask you to contact us first. Most problems can be solved easily, for example by remote adjustments via the Internet or at an appointment at one of our service points.

How long am I under warranty and entitled to repairs for my hearing aids?

Depending on the hearing aid manufacturer, the warranty for hearing aids and integrated batteries is two to five years. Accessories have a blanket one-year warranty. Problems caused by misuse, improper handling or repairs by unauthorized persons are not covered by the warranty. If desired, we are happy to provide additional hearing aid insurance with an extended warranty for an additional charge.

How long will I receive additional fitting appointments free of charge if my hearing changes?

We'll take care of you for six years, during which you can keep making new teleaudiology appointments at no charge. During this time, you are also covered for the loss of your hearing aids or technical defects (unless they are your own fault).

Has the co-payment from the health insurance companies already been deducted from the prices on the website?

No. If your health insurance company pays a subsidy, you can still deduct it from the prices and the hearing aids will be even cheaper for you. You can request a non-binding quote showing your co-payment with just a few clicks. We are happy to advise you, email service@mysecondear for more information.

Can I do the care and cleaning of my hearing aids myself

Yes, in fact, it's very easy. We will advise you on this during your fitting. You can also find videos with instructions on our website, for example here.