About us

MySecondEar was founded roughly two years ago by Niklas Spichalsky. He has been wearing hearing aids himself for more than 20 years and therefore knows all too well the difficulties of buying hearing aids. From a high degree of intransparency on the market, to a lack of flexibility, to completely exaggerated prices. To counteract all these problems, he founded MySecondEar together with Julian Stechert. Together with their team of audiologists and hearing consultants, the two are now managing directors of one of the fastest-growing audiologists in the world.

Yes! We are real Audiologists and have already served 1000+ Happy Customers to better hearing. We have contracts with all Hearing Aid manufacturers and as your individual audiologist, we are your new contact for all topics related to your hearing aids and your hearing loss.

Don't worry, it has nothing to do with second hand! Of course, we only purchase new devices directly from the manufacturers, just like other audiologists do. The name is an allusion: What is meant here is that the "first ear" is no longer sufficient and we therefore provide help with a "second ear", i.e. a hearing aid.

What our customers say about us can be found on various platforms. For example on Trustpilot, Google and you can also find reviews on the individual product pages.

Hearing aid Purchase

It is possible! These are the steps you take together with us:

1.You request a quote for your desired hearing aid.

2. Your personal hearing consultant contacts you to clarify any outstanding questions. You are also welcome to contact us directly on +49 30 3080 6040. 

3.You send your personal hearing consultant the current hearing test by e-mail. 

4. If everything is OK, your hearing consultant creates an individual order for you and sends you the appropriate order link by e-mail. 

5. After you have looked at everything, you can confirm the order independently or do it together with your hearing consultant. 

6. Now your hearing aids are made ready for shipment. Based on your hearing test, the devices will be preset and shipped to you by mail. 

7. After receiving the hearing aids, the remote fittings will then take place with your personal audiologist from our audiology department. The process of remote fittings is described in more detail below. 

So you see that buying online with us is really not that difficult.

Everything you need to put the hearing aids to use. Particular, that is:

- The desired hearing aid
- A storage box
- A charging station or a year's supply of batteries
- 2x Receiver
- Domes in various sizes and shapes
- Hearing Aid Wax Guards
- A cleaning kit
- Up to five individual Hearing Aid adjustments

All of this is included free of charge, so it is already included in the hearing aid prices.

We do have multiple local branches in Germany! Outside of Germany the online store is the only option of purchasing Hearing Aids with MySecondEar.

Prices and billing

In short, MySecondEar works efficiently and digitally oriented. Nothing has changed in the hearing aid market for far too long. A few big Hearing Aid providers dominate the market and thus the prices. MySecondEar counteracts this by focusing on more contemporary solutions:

Optimized processes
Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in online customer service. We fit your hearing aids remotely, flexibly and regardless of location. 

No overpriced marketing
Our advertising is mainly online. This allows us to market more efficiently and give the savings back to you, the customer.

No expensive brand ambassadors
We want to lead you to good hearing and do not need actors or other celebrities under contract.

The enormous savings we pass on directly to you. Because we believe that good hearing should be affordable and no longer a luxury.

This is done with a few clicks, free of charge, and without any obligation. Request it here:

No! The prices that you see on our Website are the final prices per single hearing aid! There are no hidden prices and everything that you need is included free of charge.

We offer all common payment methods. So you can pay by PayPal, by bank transfer or credit card. With PayPal, you have the advantage of buyer protection, whereby you are of course secured. If, contrary to expectations, problems arise, you can contact PayPal and thus take no risk. So of course you have nothing to worry about. Here you can read even more about our payment methods.

Health insurance

Medicare doesn't cover hearing aids or exams for fitting hearing aids. You pay 100% for hearing aids and exams.

Depending on where you are insured you can get a co-payment from your health insurance. Inquire with your health insurance to find out whether or not they also pay for hearing aids.

Some private health plans have add-ons that cover hearing aids, and specialty hearing aid insurance is becoming more common in the marketplace. Consult with your private health insurance to find out if they cover a part of the Hearing Aid price.

Fitting of the hearing aids

The first step is to preset the hearing aids. This involves our Audiology Department individually adjusting your new hearing aids based on your hearing test. This already gives a very good direction and makes the remote fittings that follow easier. The process for the second step, remote fitting, is explained below.

With every hearing aid purchase you get five hearing aid adjustments free of charge. With previous customers we needed 1-2 adjustments on average to get the ideal hearing aid adjustments. Keep in mind that the hearing aids will be pre-adjusted with the audiogram of your hearing test. This pre-adjustment of course is also included and does not count as one of the five extra adjustments you get with every hearing aid purchase.

If for some reason you need additional adjustments or consultation after the five adjustments that are included, you have the option of purchasing additional adjustments for 49€.

If you have ever had a smartphone in your hand, you are optimally prepared. All you need to do is download the manufacturer's app. This is because the app serves as an interface. This allows our acoustics department to access your hearing aids remotely and make all the fine adjustments. The same equipment and software is used, except that you are not right next to your local acoustician, but are connected via video through the app. This allows you to ask questions as usual, and adjustments are always made based on your feedback.

The short explanation

1. We can adjust the Hearing Aids to real hearing situations
2. Time savings through efficient fittings
3. High flexibility and appointments in short time
4. Fittings from anywhere - at home, at work, on vacation, . ."
5. Corona-compliant fittings, contactless remotely

The detailed explanation

We fit your hearing aids live in real listening situations, relaxed from work or home. This also means we don't have to simulate soundscapes in an acoustics studio, but can solve hearing problems where they occur.
Let's say you find that you have trouble understanding high-pitched voices while watching TV. Then you simply make an appointment with us, turn on the TV, and we'll make the best hearing aid fit based on your feedback.
Another example: After the fitting in a soundproof environment you discover that the hearing aid fit is completely different at home. For example, you perceive the sounds of the coffee machine or the rustling of the newspaper much too loudly. The consequence? A new appointment has to be made, often with a waiting time of at least a week. With us, it's different: you simply make an appointment for remote fitting, usually with a waiting time of a few days. During the remote adjustment, you particulary point out those things: turning on your coffee maker, rustling newspapers, and any things you've noticed as problems at home or at work. This way we can start where the problems occur. This saves a lot of time.

Shipping and returns

We ship to all countries in the EU. All Hearing Aid Purchases will be delivered free of charge with DHL. Usual Shipping times are 5-14 Business days.

As of right now our Headquarters and only Logistics Centre is based in Germany.

We are aware that this is not ideal but we are working on building a logistics outside of Germany to make shipping more convenient.

Hearing aids are shipped to you free of charge. Shipping for Hearing aid Accessories cost 9,9€ under an order value of 99€.

We are aware that this is not ideal but we are working on building further logistics center to make shipping more convenient.

We send packages with our shipping partner DHL. Once our package has been handed over to our partner, you will receive a shipping confirmation from us by e-mail. In the email is your shipment number (ID) and a link with which you can track the order. 

Here you go to the shipment tracking from DHL >>

Hearing Aid Accessories: 1-6 Business Days

Hearing Aids can take longer to ship, depending on if we have the exact model in stock or not.

We are aware that this is not ideal but we are working on building further logistics center to make shipping more convenient.

Yes, all packages are insured by DHL.

Right of return

You have a 30-day feel-good guarantee. So if within this time you realize that the device does not suit you or you should change your mind, you can withdraw from the purchase. However, we are convinced that you will not regret your purchase. This is also shown by our many positive customer reviews.

Within 30 days you may withdraw from the purchase at any time and receive a full refund. For Hearing Aids the return shipping is also free of charge for you.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on hearing aids. If you are not satisfied with the purchased product or if it does not meet your expectations, you have 30 days from the date you receive the product to return it to us. We will then refund you the full purchase amount.

For a return of your delivery please contact our customer service by mail service@mysecondear.com. We will send you a return label by mail.

Warranties and repairs

On all hearing aids, we provide a standard two-year warranty.

Exceptions are Phonak (since 01/01/2022), Oticon (since 04/06/2022), Starkey (since 05/01/2022) and ReSound (since 06/01/2022). Here, all devices have a five-year warranty.

Yes. For a one-time fee of 99€ per single hearing aid, you can add a warranty extension to four years.

The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects of the hearing aids itself, but not accessories such as batteries, tubes, receiver, wax guards, etc. 

Problems caused by misuse, improper handling or repairs by unauthorized persons are not covered by the warranty or may result in its loss.

Loss, theft or improper handling of the hearing aids are not covered by the standard warranty. You can send us a mail to service@mysecondear.com if you need more Information regarding Hearing Aid insurances.


If there is a warranty case, then we will of course take care of the repair free of charge. This will typically be done in four steps:

1. We will send you a replacement device free of charge.
2. You can use the replacement Device during the Time of Repair. You will put the broken Hearing Aids back in the package and send them back to us.
3. We will repair your broken Hearing Aid. 
4. After a successful repair we will send the Hearing Aids back to you.

The package will have a return voucher, so you do not have to pay anything for shipping.

When the warranty is over, you will pay the following prices per hearing aid for any necessary repairs:

Battery replacement = 49€
Small repairs = 59€
Large repairs = 149€

Small repairs are primarily necessary for optical defects. Large repairs, on the other hand, are necessary for technically complex defects.

Care and cleaning

Yes! The cleaning of hearing aids is much easier than you might think. You will receive a well-equipped cleaning kit from us free of charge with every hearing aid purchase. Cleaning your hearing aid is really limited to just a few simple steps that can be performed by anyone.

Our hearing aids come with a storage box included, and we recommend storing your hearing aids in this box when they are not being worn. But of course, the hearing aids are also safe in the charging station.

Humidity is the enemy of any hearing aid. If you like to exercise, sweat quite a bit by nature, or are concerned that the hearing aids might otherwise get wet, we recommend a dry box. Either reach for a simple plastic drying box with drying capsules (included) or a professional UV drying box. Find the products here.


If you have already received a shipping confirmation by email including tracking number from DHL, then you can check the delivery status at the following link:

DHL shipment tracking - check package status

If you have not yet received a shipping confirmation by email from us, then you are welcome to send us a message:


After purchasing a Hearing Aid at MySecondEar you can either directly contact your personal Hearing Aid Consultant or send an Email to service@mysecondear.com to book a Remote Fitting. At the end of your first remote fitting, the acoustician responsible for you will make a follow-up appointment, if needed, so that you always have the same contact person.

We do have multiple local branches in Germany! Outside of Germany the online store is the only option of purchasing Hearing Aids with MySecondEar.

On-site appointments can be made at any time via email or phone:

  • hello@mysecondear.com
  • 030 31193965

Customer Service

Feel free to call us at
+49 30 3080 6040

Email contact

Feel free to write to us at service@mysecondear.com