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Widex Hörgerät 440 / Akku / Schwarz Widex Moment Sheer Widex Hörgerät 440 / Akku / Grau Widex Moment Sheer
Widex Widex Moment Sheer
From 1.490 €
Widex Hörgerät 440 / RIC Akku Widex Moment Widex Hörgerät 440 / RIC Batterie Widex Moment
Widex Widex Moment
From 1.290 €
Widex Hörgerät 100 / RIC Akku Widex Magnify Widex Hörgerät 100 / RIC Batterie Widex Magnify
Widex Widex Magnify
From 990 €
CROS Transmitter only
Widex Hörgerät CROS / Fusion / Titanium Grau Widex CROS Widex Hörgerät CROS / Fusion / Beige Widex CROS
Widex Widex CROS
1.190 €

The Company Widex

Widex was founded in 1956 by the Westermann and Tøpholm families and is still family-owned. With approximately 3,800 employees and a presence in nearly 100 countries, the company is one of the ten largest hearing aids manufacturers in the world. The head office is located in northern Copenhagen, Denmark. After a year of collaboration, Widex and Sivantos merged to WS Audiology in 2019.

The awareness of social and ethical responsibility is central to the company. Since 2010, the headquarters in Lynge has been completely CO2 neutral. Through a geothermal system that cools or heats groundwater, solar cells, recycling of rainwater and the use of wind energy, this neutrality is realized. This environmental awareness made Widex the only CO2-neutral hearing aid manufacturer in the world at the time.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is a true pioneer in the field of digital technology for hearing aids. Back in 1995, they introduced the first fully digital ITE hearing aid on the market. In the meantime, Widex offers a selection of hearing aids. There is a wide range of choices per product line concerning the design, technology level and color. You can be sure to find the model that suits you best and meets your visual and technical requirements. The newer models even offer a function for treating tinnitus.

Technology Levels

The Widex Moment is available in four technology levels. The Widex Magnify, on the other hand, is only available in three levels. The level of technology indicates the technical complexity of the devices, which eventually also determines their price.

The highest technology level of Widex devices is indicated by the number 440. If you have a very demanding lifestyle, if you are physically and socially very active, then a high level of technological sophistication, as the 440, is recommendable. This allows participation in group conversations or following business meetings with ease, even in noisy environments.

Widex's medium technology level consists of the levels numbered 330 and 220. If you are mainly exposed to ordinary listening situations in everyday life, this medium technology level is suitable for you. The label 110 refers to the entry level of Widex's technology. If you are less socially active or mostly have one-on-one conversations in simple and quiet environments, the entry level might be sufficient for your needs.

Widex Accessories

  • COM-Dex - This wireless headset allows making phone calls through your hearing aids. Background noise is suppressed in advantage of better speech perception.
  • TV Play - Transfer the sound of your TV directly to your hearing aids via this adapter and finally hear your favorite movie again.
  • RC-Dex - This small remote control allows you to adjust the program and volume of your hearing aids.
  • Phone Dex - Allows you to make landline phone calls via your hearing aids.

Find other accessories from Widex here.

Widex Hearing Aid News

At the Widex Sound Summit, it was announced that the manufacturer wants to advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) in hearing aids through the SoundSense Learn Technology. The opportunities for personalization of hearing aids are of high importance to Widex and this is exactly what they try to expand with AI.

Widex Apps

Widex offers a number of apps that provide setting options for your hearing aids. All apps offer the possibility to adjust the volume of your hearing aids, the listening direction and the automatic selection of listening programs at defined locations.

  • Widex Moment App - You can't only adjust settings through the app, you can also get help from artificial intelligence. It helps you choose the right settings for a given situation and allows you to select programs for specific listening environments based on preferences of numerous other users having been in a similar situation. Likewise, custom programs can be created which can be used repeatedly.
  • Remote Care App - This app provides you with real-time support from your hearing care professional. This saves you time and money and you receive a consultation regardless of your location.
  • TONELINK App - This app includes the basic functions: program and volume settings, the ability to mute, as well as change the listening direction. The Tonelink app is especially user-friendly for those who are less tech savvy.

Widex Hearing Aids Prices

Widex Hearing Aids cost between 990€ and 2.090€ per single hearing aid depending on the desired hearing aid model and technology level.

Widex Hearing Aid Price List 2023

Model Price at MySecondEar
Widex Moment Sheer From 1.490€
Widex Moment From 1.290€
Widex Magnify From 990€
Widex CROS 1.190€