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Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories

With Starkey accessories, you can expand the functions of their hearing aids. Here is an overview of the accessories available for their hearing aids. Starkey also offers three apps for its hearing aids: Thrive Hearing Control, Relaxand Thrive Care.

Thrive Hearing Control

The Thrive Hearing Control app lets you set physical and mental fitness goals. In addition, the app also provides the ability to stream phone calls directly to their device, as well as adjust volume and hearing program.

Relax App

The Relax App helps you relieve and treat symptoms of tinnitus. To do so, you can choose the melody that suits you best from 12 unique soundscapes.

Thrive Care

The Thrive Care app lets users share physical activity and hearing aid use with the community, as well as engage socially. The app is downloadable exclusively for Starkey Livio AI users.

TV Streamer

The TV Steamer transmits the sound from your TV directly to the Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids. Analog or digital signal sources are supported. The operation is intuitively designed.

Remote Microphone +

Use the Remote Microphone Plus to highlight individual conversations in noisy environments. The device is usable with Livio Edge AI, Livio AI, and Livio models from Starkey.

Mini Remote Microphone

The MIni Remote Microphone is smaller than the Remote Microphone Plus and can be attached to the clothing of your conversation partner. For example, during a meeting to understand the speaker more clearly.

Remote Kontrolle

The Starkey remote control allows them to change programs and adjust the volume of their hearing aid.

Konferenz Mikrofon

Optimal for meetings with many people. The conference microphone is placed on the center of the table and the directional microphones automatically focus on the current speaker.