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Audio Service Hörgerät G7 16 / Akku / Beige Audio Service Mood R Li G7 Audio Service Hörgerät G7 16 / Akku / Schwarz Audio Service Mood R Li G7
Audio Service Audio Service Mood G7
From 1.290 €
Signia Hörgerät Audio Service ITE/ITC Li 7 Signia Hörgerät Audio Service ITE/ITC Li 7
Audio Service Hörgerät G6 16 / Batterie Audio Service quiX
Audio Service Audio Service quiX G6
From 1.090 €
Audio Service Hörgerät G6 16 / Akku / Beige Audio Service Mood G6 Audio Service Hörgerät G6 16 / Akku / Schwarz Audio Service Mood G6
Audio Service Audio Service Mood G6
From 1.090 €
Audio Service Hörgerät G6 16 / Akku / Weiß Audio Service Stiline Audio Service Hörgerät G6 16 / Akku / Rosé Gold / Weiß Audio Service Stiline
Audio Service Audio Service Stiline G6
From 1.090 €
Audio Service Hörgerät G6 16 / Akku / Beige Audio Service Duo
Audio Service Audio Service Duo G6
From 1.190 €
Not remotely adjustable
Audio Service Hörgerät G5 16 / Batterie / Schwarz Audio Service Icon G5
Audio Service Audio Service Icon G5
From 1.090 €
Not remotely adjustable
Audio Service Hörgerät G5 16 / Batterie / Schwarz Audio Service Ilea
Audio Service Audio Service Ilea G5
From 1.090 €
Not remotely adjustable
Audio Service Hörgerät G5 16 / Batterie / Schwarz Audio Service Ida BT
Audio Service Audio Service Ida BT G5
From 1.090 €

Audio service hearing aids

When it comes to hearing aids, you can turn to the company Audio Service. The company is located directly in Germany and has been in business for more than 40 years. The hearing aids distributed by this company are available in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Everything you do in your everyday life is influenced by your hearing, because hearing is a basic human need. So you are always dependent on your ears in everyday life. They are also very important for communication. In addition, your hearing protects itself from imminent danger. That is why the hearing aid manufacturer Audioservice from Westphalia has made it its goal to support people with hearing loss. So you too can enjoy life again at the right volume. The company's focus is on innovation, quality and customer service. Audio Service specializes in small "in the ear" devices that are manufactured in a particularly compact way.

Audio Service is a company with a lot of know-how

Horst Peter Kühne is an acoustician and a specialist in hearing systems. In the late seventies, he founded his company, which is now known as Audio Service. He founded Audio Service after learning a lot in America about the beneficial hearing aids that are placed directly in the ear. He then returned to Germany and founded Audio Service. Therefore, the company specialized in "in the ear devices" for the ears. For the German market, especially small ITE hearing aids were offered, and this has not changed until today.

Gradually the company grew more and more until it moved to Herford and the product range was expanded. Behind-the-ear hearing aids were added. Further innovations followed in the nineties. For example, special filters for acoustics and protection were offered. Special coatings were also introduced to repel bacteria, moisture and dirt.

Audio Service also specializes in nanocoatings. The Microsafe filter plays an important role here, as do the special coatings with ComforMed and ComforClean. In addition, there are further specializations for the loudspeaker openings and the protection of the earpiece filters with HF3 and HF4. The devices also have a switch-on automatic delay, as well as a convenient eyeglass adapter and an audio clip.

The currently most important models from Audio Service include:

  • quiX
  • Stiline
  • Mood
  • Duo
  • Ida BT
  • Ilea
  • Icon

The latest hearing aids from Audio Service

Most of the hearing aids and products of Audio Service have up to five levels of performance. The level of complexity, as well as the price coincide. Overall, the highest technology level in this range is 16 and 12, so technology-savvy wearers are well advised if a demanding and active lifestyle is a given. So, if you also have a variety of hearing needs, this will serve you well. You may need a good hearing aid for various group conversations or business meetings if they take place in a noisy environment.

On the other hand, if there are simpler requirements, the medium technology level of eight and six is suitable. The listening situation for this is usually less complex and more predictable. The simplest technology level is at digit four.

If you are less socially active, such a device should be sufficient. This variant is suitable for small group conversations or individual conversations in a quiet environment.

All Audio Service products are marked with one of the designations:

  • G7
  • G6
  • G5

You can identify the generation of the device by this. The latest generation is G7.

Advantages of Audio Service G6 hearing aids

These hearing aids work with a very special chip. This combines the energy-saving Bluetooth functions with other audiological advantages. You can connect such devices directly to your smartphone and use digital assistive devices in everyday life. However, with this generation, you enjoy even more features, such as:

  • The direct audio streaming
  • The voice of the wearer is recognized immediately
  • After recognition of the voice, compression adjustment and amplitude adjustment are performed
  • the analog and digital conversion is improved

For this you can use a special app. With it you connect either your iPhone or your smartphone. For you, this means that you can use your hearing aid as stereo headphones. Of course, this also applies to phone calls. The sound quality is excellent. If you like music, you can also transmit it accordingly. The same goes for instructions from navigation systems or apps. You can transmit everything wirelessly. This audio transmission is two-way. You can display the status from your hearing system directly on your smartphone.

Compared to the previous model, the transmission quality has been very significantly improved in this variant. You enjoy increased operating comfort. Operation is unobtrusive and convenient via the smartphone. An individual adjustment is possible for you at any time. If required, you can easily create an environment profile. Your hearing care professional will also be happy to do this for you. This is how fine-tuning takes place. Customer service is also much easier with this innovation.

Most G7 hearing aids have a lithium-ion battery. Charging takes place directly in the charging station, which is done inductively. Then you enjoy full power from your hearing aid for at least 24 hours. It takes an average of 4 hours in total to charge the battery from your hearing aid. Alternatively, you may prefer the thirty-minute fast charge. You can then use the hearing aid for 7 hours. A multi microphone system called AudioTronic is standard on all G5 models.

Of particular note are the intelligent Bluetooth features of these G7 devices. This allows you to use the widest spectrum with your hearing aid. You can pay special attention to the proven Audio Link technology. This allows the acoustic data to be processed better. The dynamic range has also been extended in the hearing aids. This ranges up to 113 dB. The advantageous 40 nm design of the modern chip architecture offers the highest precision.

What is special about G6 hearing aids


The natural perception of your own voice is supported by these modern hearing aids. This makes it easier for you to get used to your new hearing aid. Your hearing aid virtually learns to recognize your sound patterns from your voice. When you speak, there is an immediate adjustment through compression and amplification. As a result, your own voice sounds more comfortable to you and you perceive it as natural.


When cycling or jogging and other sports, for example, you can use the special mode by 360° perception. The automatic situation control changes when the movement is interrupted. Then the device automatically switches to directional mode. For you, this additional function creates a pleasant listening experience when you are moving.


The sensitivity to sounds from the environment is increased. This in turn improves spatial perception, while still maintaining directionality. When you are exposed to different soundscapes or multiple interlocutors, the special microphone adapts directly to the complex requirements. This, in turn, expands your listening radius immensely. The emphasis is on frontal focus through the dynamic perception of the hearing aid. This makes it easier for you to focus on those directly in front of you during the conversation. However, the sounds from the surroundings are not blocked out. This works through digital and highly sensitive modern MEMS microphones.

The hearing aids are barely visible

You can't see these hearing aids, no one else will notice them. Huge bulky hearing aids behind the ears are a thing of the past. This is exactly where the core competence of the manufacturer Audio Service lies. The technical specifications and adjustment options are similar to those of "behind-the-ear hearing aids".

To make the hearing aid virtually invisible, it is placed deep in your ear canal. This allows you to hear better, while at the same time no one notices that you are wearing a hearing aid. Audio Service aims to develop especially modern in the ear hearing aids. These block your ear canal only minimally. In addition, you enjoy a high level of wearing comfort. The automatic program setting is also a huge advantage.

These advantages of intuitive hearing aids are enjoyed by you as the wearer. You notice this, for example, when you are walking through the park or sitting in a restaurant. The system adapts to your environment depending on the acoustics. The audio program is responsible for this. The sounds from the surroundings are emphasized or amplified.

Connectivity via Bluetooth and WLAN

The Smart Connect Set from Audio Service enables you to perceive everything in your everyday life with the hearing aid. You do not need any additional cables for this. Wireless 2.0 technology provides the basis for this. Of course, the same goes for the energy-saving Bluetooth version.

This allows you to connect to other devices. Typical examples are:

  • Navigation systems
  • Televisions
  • Music systems
  • Radios
  • Smartphones
  • Multimedia devices

Audio Service Hearing Aids Cost

Audio Service Hearing Aids cost between 1.090€ and 1.990€ per single Hearing Aid depending on the Hearing Aid model and Technology Level.

Audio Service Hearing Aid Price List 2023

Model Price at MySecondEar
Audio Service Mood G7 From 1.290€
Audio Service ITE/ITC Li G7 From 1.390€
Audio Service quiX G6 From 1.090€
Audio Service Mood G6 From 1.090€
Audio Service Stiline G6 From 1.090€
Audio Service Duo G6 From 1.190€
Audio Service Icon G5 From 1.090€
Audio Service Ilea G5 From 1.090€
Audio Service Ida BT G5 From 1.090€