Audio Service Duo G6

Technology level: 16
Design: Battery
Color: Beige
1.890 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
5 Adjustments included

Audio Service Power BTE

The Audio Service Power BTE is a behind-the-ear device that can compensate for moderate to severe hearing loss. To make speech more intelligible again, ambient noise such as construction noise or traffic is attenuated and a speaker's voice is emphasized. An impulse noise attenuator is also integrated into the Audio Service Power BTE.

This prevents startle moments caused by sudden noises such as a falling plate or the slamming of a door. Wind is not a problem either; the Audio Service Power BTE is equipped with a wind manager that reduces wind noise without resulting in an artificial sound.

The Audio Service Power BTE is equipped with a wind manager that reduces wind noise without resulting in an artificial sound.

Natural sound despite hearing aid

The Audio Service Power BTE also supports spatial hearing, making it easier to find your way around a room. With twenty frequency bands, the hearing aid delivers almost natural sound quality. It also allows the hearing aid to be fine-tuned. Switching between the different hearing situations is handled by the device.

Manual adjustment is not necessary in everyday life. With the button on the hearing aid, however, volume and program can also be controlled manually if necessary. Via radio transmission, direct streaming of music or calls with the smartphone is also possible. The smartphone can then simply remain in the pocket and the hearing aid behaves like wireless headphones.

Audio Service Duo

The Audio Service G5 Duo is a behind-the-ear device. It is suitable for moderate to mild severity of hearing loss. It enables better hearing without disturbing noises. It does not simply muffle the sounds, but allows gradual adjustment. In addition, Audio Service's hearing aid is also capable of reducing wind noise.

The attenuation of impulsive sounds increases listening comfort. Multifunction microphones support spatial hearing, which is often limited in people with hearing loss. In addition, the hearing aid is equipped with 20 Equilizer bands and allows individual adjustments, for example, for concerts.

In addition to the automatic volume adjustment of the hearing aid, the button on the device can also be used to turn the volume down and up yourself. Telephone calls can be transmitted directly to the hearing aid thanks to a 2.4 gigahertz radio module. The device is powered by batteries.

Attunement support for first-time hearing aid users

The automatic familiarization manager can help wearers get used to their new hearing aid. This process can take several days to weeks or months, which can be set individually on the device. During this period, the device gradually adjusts the volume until it provides the optimal volume for amplification. The Audio Service G5 is also a rugged companion that is protected from water and dust.

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