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Wie Ihr altes Hörgerät Ihnen einen 100€-Bonus beim Neukauf sichert!

Viele Menschen haben gebrauchte Hörgeräte zu Hause, die nicht mehr im Einsatz sind. Anstatt sie in der Schublade verstauben zu lassen, können Sie diese bei uns in Zahlung geben und beim Kauf eines neuen Hörgeräts sparen. Der besondere Bonus: Ihr altes Hörgerät erfüllt einen wertvollen Zweck.

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Up to 50% less expensive

Due to efficient processes, we can offer up to 50% lower prices than traditional acousticians.

Largest product selection

We work with all leading manufacturers and thus advise you completely independently.

Digital remote adjustments

With our virtual home visit, we can fit your hearing aids wherever you are.

Modern specialty stores

If you prefer to enjoy our service on site, you are welcome to visit us in one of our modern specialty stores.

Unsure which hearing aid to choose?

We finally make buying hearing aids easy and affordable.Discover our wide selection of hearing aids now.

Our hearing aids

Hearing aid tips from Niklas Spichalsky

A hearing aid is not a frivolous purchase - in financial as well as practical terms - so the choice of the right hearing aid should be well considered. Niklas Spichalsky is not only one of the founders of MySecondEar but also a hearing aid user for over 20 years. In his blog post "Best Hearing Aids of 2023", Niklas Spichalsky shares his personal opinion on the best hearing aids to help others find the perfect hearing aid.

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Phonak Hörgerät Phonak Audeo Lumity Phonak Hörgerät Phonak Audeo Lumity
Phonak Phonak Audéo Lumity
From 1.390 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Quarzsand Oticon Real Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Platin Oticon Real
Oticon Oticon Real
From 1.490 €
ReSound Hörgerät 9 / Akku / RIC ReSound OMNIA ReSound Hörgerät 9 / Batterie / RIC ReSound OMNIA
ReSound ReSound OMNIA
From 1.290 €
Phonak Hörgerät Phonak Slim Phonak Hörgerät 90 / Akku / Kupfer / Schwarz Phonak Slim
Phonak Phonak Slim Lumity
From 1.490 €
Phonak Hörgerät 90 / Batterie / Silbergrau Phonak Audeo Paradise Phonak Hörgerät 90 / Batterie / Champagner Phonak Audeo Paradise
Phonak Phonak Audeo Paradise
From 990 €
Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Platin Oticon More Oticon Hörgerät 1 / Akku / Quarzsand Oticon More
Oticon Oticon More
From 1.390 €

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