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Signia Pure IX

Technology level: 7
Design: Rechargeable
Color: Black
2.690 € 2.790 €
Price per ear
Hearing Aids side: Both

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:


Charger or 60 Batteries


High quality Cleaning Set


Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers


5 Adjustments included

Pure Charge&Go IX


The Pure Charge&Go IX is the latest addition to Signia's line of hearing aids and utilizes the groundbreaking Integrated Xperience architecture. In a sleek and modern RIC design, it offers hassle-free charging and supports true, real-time conversations.

With Signia Integrated Xperience technology, the hearing aid can accurately detect multiple moving speakers in real time and smoothly adjust to enhance their speech and reduce background noise.

Main Features

  • Integrated Xperience - A whole new way to follow conversations.
  • RealTime Conversation Enhancement - Enables real-time detection and enhancement of moving speakers.
  • Augmented Focus - Provides optimized speech perception and noise cancellation.
  • Own Voice Processing 2.0 - For a natural sound experience of your own voice.
  • Signia Assistant - An AI-powered assistant available 24/7 in the Signia app to customize hearing aids.
  • Signia Assistant 2.0 - For a natural voice experience.
  • eWindScreen - Technology to minimize wind noise.
  • Android & iOS connectivity - Bluetooth connectivity to both operating systems.
  • Charging on the go - Easy and convenient charging.

Versatile charging solutions

  • Pure Charger - Easy charging at home.
  • Pure Mobile Charger - Mobility and charging on the go with our pocket-sized wireless charging station.
  • Pure Dry&Clean - More than just a charger - it also cleans and dries hearing aids to ensure peak performance.
  • Multi-Charger - One charger, compatible with a wide range of rechargeable hearing aids.

Signia App

The Signia App offers the 'all-around worry-free package' by combining all of Signia's existing apps into one. You can adjust the volume and program of your hearing aid yourself at any time. The Signia Assistant is even available for you 24/7.


Accessories for Pure Charge&Go IX

From handling to charging, the Pure Charge&Go IX offers a range of accessories to optimize your listening experience

  • miniPocket - Easily adjust the volume and program of your hearing aid with this remote control.
  • StreamLine Mic - The StreamLine Mic can be used as an additional microphone, headset or as headphones. Up to 8 Bluetooth connections are possible, but only one of them can be used at a time.
  • .
  • StreamLine TV - Connect your hearing aids to your TV using the TV adapter and enjoy sound output directly through your hearing aids.

Find more accessories from Signia here.

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