Oticon Zircon

Technology Level: 1
Design: Rechargeable
Color: Platinum
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
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The Oticon Zircon

The Oticon Zircon is the latest hearing aid from Danish manufacturer Oticon. It is a mid-range priced hearing aid, so it offers the best sound quality even on a smaller budget. The hearing aid is "Made for iPhone" and thus can be easily connected to their iPhone, iPad or iPod. The Bluetooth connectivity with Android devices is also possible through the "Android Protocol Audio Streaming" (ASHA). The Oticon Zircon is available in a battery or rechargeable version.

The following features await you with the Oticon Zircon:

  • Wireless connectivity - e.g. for streaming music, making phone calls or using the Oticon ON app to control the hearing aids. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible.
  • Talking hands-free - Make hands-free phone calls by streaming audio from your phone or other device directly into your hearing aids, while the microphones in the hearing aids pick up your voice for this purpose.
  • Better Hearing in Public - Oticon telecoil hearing aids improve your hearing in auditoriums, churches, theaters, airports and any other public place with a ring loop system.
  • Smart volume and program control - A convenient multi-function button makes controlling volume and programs a snap.
  • Water and dust resistant - Oticon hearing aids are IP68 certified. This means they are resistant to moisture and dust.

Accessories for the Oticon Zircon:

  • Connect Clip - Can be used for phone calls or as a microphone to perceive speech from a distance.
  • TV Adapter 3.0 - Play sound from your TV directly through your hearing aid.
  • Remote Control 3.0 - Change the volume and program of your hearing aid with the click of a finger with this small remote control.
  • EduMic - This additional microphone can serve as a remote microphone, but also as a telecoil or for streaming.
  • Smart Charger - The charging station for home and on the go. Simply store your hearing aids in the box and always ensure full power at the same time. The integrated powerbank also ensures sufficient power on the go.
  • Li- Ion Charger 1.0 - Charge your hearing aids in this stylish charging station. In addition to the attractive appearance, the charging power of this charger is particularly convincing. Already 30 minutes charging time allow you 6 hours of listening experience.

More accessories from Oticon can be found here.

Oticon Zircon Colors

The Oticon Zircon is available in the following colors: Platinum, Pearl Black, Quartz Sand, Nut Brown, Titanium

Oticon Zircon Price

Oticon Zircon hearing aids at MySecondEar cost between $1,190 and $1,490 depending on the technology level.

Oticon Zircon 2 Price

The price for the Oticon Zircon 2 at MySecondEar is $1,190 for the battery version and $1,290 for the rechargeable version.

Oticon Zircon 1 Price

The price for the Oticon Zircon 1 at MySecondEar is $1,390 for the battery version and $1,490 for the rechargeable version.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Boenisch Michael

Beratung - outstanding.
Umsetung - sprich Versand: Perfekt
Service is equally flawless.Online Einstellung /Adjustierung haette nicht besser sein koennen.
Zusammenfassung: in jeder Hinsicht exzellent!

Super great advice, absolutely fair price combined with perfect device

Hallo sehr geehrte Frau Wuckelt,
Ihre Beratung war sehr toll wenn ich 10 Sterne vergeben könnte würden Sie die auch bekommen!!! Sie haben sich echt sehr viel Zeit genommen um all meine Fragen zu beantworten und waren einige;-) Aber ich muss sagen ich kann jetzt wieder Sachen hören die ich vorher lange nicht mehr gehört habe :-) dafür nochmal recht Herzlich Dankeschön. Die Preise sind echt okay leider und um einiges günstiger als ihre Mitbewerber und ich bereue den Kauf keineswegs den ich habe knapp 900€ gegen über Neus..d gespart und das ist Wahnsinn!!!
The first remote adjustment was really good. I find this possibility ingenious because you can adjust the hearing aids in real time such as a restaurant. Thanks to the acoustician Mr. Alexander Bingül he was just brilliant! Keep up the good work!!! I will recommend you with pleasure! Greetings Dominik Müller

Stjepan Crnković

I am very satisfied with processing, advice and the price. Thank you!

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