ReSound Key

Technology Level: 4
Type: Rechargeable
Design: RIC
1.090 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:

Charger or 60 Batteries
High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
5 Adjustments included

ReSound Key

With ReSound Key, GN Hearing is expanding its product portfolio for basic devices.  The Resound Key hearing family includes RIC, BTE, ITE, ITC and CIC devices for all forms of hearing loss. The devices deliver high sound quality and provide better speech understanding. Conversations are possible even with background noise and you can again carefree participate in social life.

In difficult listening situations such as talking on the phone in a noisy room, the ReSound Key support with suppression of noise and a louder amplification.

Natural hearing sensation through binaural hearing

GN Hearing aims to provide users with a natural hearing sensation, which is why the speaker is perceived through one ear and the environment through the other. Binaural hearing allows the wearer to experience less fatigue and benefits from the automatic fitting of the Hearing Aids. Sounds up to 126 decibels are reproduced clearly, based on the function of the human cochlea. The integrated noise tracker reduces distracting sounds, making focused listening possible. Feedback is effectively prevented.

The Hearing Aids of the ReSound Key family are also available as rechargeable devices and have energy for a whole day. Music or television sound streaming is also possible with ReSound Accessories. All Hearing Aids are available in five different colors to match the skin tone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wolfgang Klötzke

ReSound Key

Lothar Schnake
Super satisfied

Best advice and support thank you very much

Jörg-Michael Haerting
The first remote fitting went very well

The master acoustician Marvin Muessle did my first fitting online. He listened to my wishes and explained everything very calmly and patiently.


Product is very good and also customer services

Hans Jürgen Hell
Just great - in good hands and very well advised.

Ist alles - mit MySecondEar - gut ge,aufen. Sehr freundliche und fachliche Beratung.
Sehr gutes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis. Günstiger geht es - glaube ich - nicht!
Now comes the remote adjustment - then everything is great!

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