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The Company Starkey

Starkey is an American company based in Minnesota, which was founded in 1967 by William F. Austin. After this, Starkey originally focused on repairing hearing aids, however, soon they began the development of their own products. Starkey is now one of the world's largest manufacturers for hearing aids and has the uniqueness of being the only American hearing aid manufacturer with global reach. The company's base, as well as their research center, is still located in the USA. The company's international reach can be attributed to their innovative inventions. Starkey considers hearing our surroundings as essential for humans. Their focus is therefore always on creating access to optimal hearing for everyone via premium quality hearing aids.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey hearing aids are available in a variety of styles and technology levels. You can opt between an ITE, as well as a BTE or RIC option. When choosing the technology level, the models vary between classes 1000 to 24000. 1000-models constitute the entry level with 10 adjustable channels and basic technical features. 1200- (basic) and 1600- (standard) models already offer 12 and 16 adjustable channels, and are convincing even in demanding listening situations. With the 2000- (mid-range) and 2400- (premium) versions, you will be able to skillfully master even very difficult listening environments.

Technology is Starkey's Strength

In recent years, Starkey has trumped with important technical developments. These include nanocoatings for protecting electronics and sensors, as well as the Pure Wave System and the Evolv Al technology. These innovations have increasingly improved speech understanding. Starkey was also the first company to launch a special compacted version of ITE hearing aids in 1973. This type of hearing aid is placed directly in front of the eardrum, making them nearly invisible.

Thrive Hearing Control App for iPhone

The Thrive Hearing Control App allows you to control your hearing aids individually and adjust its settings manually. This refers to your music preferences, phone calls, navigation function, volume and much more. The app is even in possession of a location finder so you can never lose your hearing aids again. Additionally, if you use a Starkey Livio AI, the app can provide you with information about your fitness and health data. Likewise, within the app, you can set reminders and control the translation function. Finally, the app is also of importance for remote fittings, as these take place through the Hearing Control App.

Accessories from Starkey

  • TV Streamer - Stream audio from your TV directly through your hearing aids and never miss a movie night again!
  • Turbo Charger - Charge your hearing aid in 7 minutes with this portable charger and enjoy 3.5 hours of clear hearing!
  • Conference Microphone - Follow all conversations at the table or designate a speaker to focus the microphone at, if necessary.
  • Remote Microphone - Use the Remote Microphone for better speech understanding of the person you're talking to or connect it to your laptop for being able to follow video conferences better.
  • SurfLink Mini Mobile - Connect your hearing aids to your bluetooth devices via the SurfLink Mini.

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Starkey Hearing Aids Cost

Starkey Hearing Aids cost between 690€ and 2.290€ per single Hearing Aid depending on the Hearing Aid model and Technology Level.

Starkey Hearing Aid Price List 2023

Model Price at MySecondEar
Starkey Evolv AI From 1.190€
Starkey Livio From 690€
Starkey Soundlens Synergy From 1.490€
Starkey Muse From 1.090€
Starkey CROS Evolv AI 1.190€
Starkey CROS Livio 1.190€