Starkey Livio

Technology Level: Edge AI 2400
Design: Rechargeable
Type: ITE
1.990 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Charger or 60 Batteries
High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
5 Adjustments included

The Starkey Livio is now only available in technology level "1000". If you are interested in the technology level "1200", "1600", "2000" or "2400", have a look at the successor Starkey Evolv AI.

Starkey Livio

The Starkey Livio convinces with a highly complex technology, which leads to an extraordinary hearing experience for the wearer. Through noise reduction and wind blocking functions, the Livio has an excellent sound output.

The Starkey Livio is available as ITE, as well as BTE or RIC device. Even the standard version of the Livio, the Livio AI 1000, has a bluetooth function and therefore offers the possibility for remote fittings. The following features await you with this model:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Even the standard variant of the Livio offers broad bluetooth connectivity.
  • Mask Mode - Voices muffled by wearing masks are raised for better speech understanding.
  • Activity Tracking - Have your sports activity checked using your hearing aid’s function to track your health data and reach your fitness goals.
  • Translation function - Your hearing aid translates 27 languages for you.
  • Reminder Function - Set reminders and to never again forget taking medication or attending to an important appointment.

Accessories for the Starkey Livio

  • TV Connectivity - Stream audio from your TV directly through your hearing aid with the TV streamer.
  • Conference Microphone - Use the Conference Microphone for better speech understanding in group conversations and conferences.
  • Turbo Charger - Charge for 7 minutes, use for up to 4 hours!
  • Remote Microphone - Additional support for speech perception in noisy environments.

Find more Starkey accessories here!

Using the Thrive app

Using the Thrive app will complete your listening experience with Starkey Livio. The Starkey Thrive App can provide you with information about your fitness and health through its built-in activity and engagement tracker. Reminders can also be set via the app, which automatically reminds you of important appointments or commitments. Additionally, remote fittings of your hearing aids by our hearing care professionals take place via the Thrive app.

Starkey Livio Technology Levels Differences

The Livio is available in the following versions: 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400. The Livio AI 1000 portrays the lowest technology level of the model. However, it already includes basic features such as bluetooth connectivity, tap control and body tracking. The Livio AI 1200 additionally provides its wearer with the mask mode. Whereas the Livio 1600 is equipped with an automatic music programm and the described reminder function. The translating functions are first available in the Livio AI 2000. Lastly, the Livio AI Edge 2400 includes a falling alert and has an Edge Mode that finely adjusts your hearing aids to the according listening environment. The 2400 is the most advanced technology level of the Livio and will please anyone who’s technophile or simply likes a high range of technological features.

Starkey Livio Colors

The Starkey Livio is available in six different colors: black, gray, silver, white / silver, espresso, champagne, bronze.

Starkey Livio Price

Starkey Livio hearing aids from MySecondEar cost between 600€ and 1.990€ depending on the technology level.

Starkey Livio AI 1000 Price

The price for the Starkey Livio AI 1000 at MySecondEar is 600€ for the RIC and BTE battery version and 790€ for the rechargeable version. The rechargeble ITE version is 890€.

Starkey Livio AI 1200 Price

The price for the Starkey Livio AI 1200 at MySecondEar is 890€ for the RIC and BTE battery version and 990€ for the rechargeable version. The rechargeble ITE version is 1.090€.

Starkey Livio AI 1600 Price

The price for the Starkey Livio AI 1600 at MySecondEar is 1.090€ for the RIC and BTE battery version and 1.190€ for the rechargeable version. The rechargeble ITE version is 1.290€.

Starkey Livio AI 2000 Price

The price for the Starkey Livio AI 2000 at MySecondEar is 1.290€ for the RIC and BTE battery version and 1.390€ for the rechargeable version. The rechargeble ITE version is 1.490€.

Starkey Livio AI Edge 2400 Price

The price for the Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 at MySecondEar is 1.790€ for the RIC and BTE battery version and 1.890€ for the rechargeable version. The rechargeble ITE version is 1.990€.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gabriele Becker
Shop in Dortmund

Since I should make friends with a hearing aid after a severe hearing loss I came across My Seconds Ear on the Internet.Since the store was in Dortmund I made an appointment by phone.Within a short time I could come over.Very competent staff super advice, on my specific questions (I hear only from 80 decibel, cash model without additional costs) I got specific answers without talking around.I felt super advised and in good hands. My questions on the phone were always answered very helpfully.I can only recommend My Second Ear.


Starkey Livio

Josef Fischer

Starkey Livio

Andreas Ohle
Starkey Livio AI 2000

Ich Trage das erste Höhrgerät daher hat die Auswahl der Höhrakustiker einige Zeit in Anspruch genomme.
Heute kann ich sagen das ich eine Menge gehört habe was nicht zu trifft.
Aufgrund guter Videos auf YouTube kommt man nicht an MySecondEar vorbei.
Perfekt ist die transparente Home Page in der Preise Beurteilungen von vielen unterschiedlichen Höhrsystemen einsehen kann.
Des Weiteren waren die ersten Kontakte und Bemühungen perfekt die sich deutlich abheben von anderen Unternehmen.
Ich habe mich dann für Starkey entschieden weil es das einzige Innohr -Gerät war das aufgeladen werden kann.Dafür habe ich in Kauf genommen das das Gerät sichtbar ist.
Der Klang ist gegenüber allen anderen Geräten die ich getestet habe das beste was ich getestet habe .
Das Gerät verfügt über eine sehr gute App und sehr guten Funktionen auch mit einem MI 10T Pro dahe empfehle ich die Infos vom Hersteller zu beachten mit welchem Handy es freigegeben ist bzw getestet ist.
What is worthwhile in any case are the transparent prices before the decision can be made.

Many thanks to the MySecondEar team!

Norbert Brockmann
Am very satisfied, but why...

Habe mich erst einmal..wie üblich heute im Internet informiert. Mit Eingabe von „preiswerte Hörgräte“ landete ich schnell bei MySecondEar. Weiter schnell bei YouTube. Durch den Kanal von MySecondEar gestöbert. Super Informative kleine Videos mit meinem Individuellen Hörgerat mit dabei. Von da an ging es sehr zügig.
The super WEbsite browsed...downloaded the quote...Finished :-) ..The other day I got a call from a Consultant of MyseondEar with more useful information... this was great... ordered the appropriate hearing aid... now after about 5 weeks received the hearing aids and wear it now to test... Very satisfied so far..will probably take the first remote fitting next week. Thanks again... for this professional handling.

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