ReSound Custom

Technology Level: 9
Type: Rechargeable
Color: Anthracite
1.990 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
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ReSound Custom

With ReSound Custom, the name says it all: the stylish hearing aids in Earbud design combine ReSound's extensive experience with your individual hearing requirements, from which a unique hearing profile is created. With its innovative design, the Custom not only subtly adapts to your ear, but also integrates just as successfully into your everyday life. Because despite the discreet wearing option, there are no compromises in sound quality. On the contrary, the directional microphones and the Ultra Focus support a clear, focused sound understanding even in noisy listening environments.

An overview of features you can expect in the ReSound Custom is available here:

  • Rechargeability -The ReSound Custom can be easily recharged overnight in the ITE and ITC versions, making it ready for use throughout the day. So you are equipped for all eventualities!
  • Various sizes - If you're looking for a hearing aid that virtually disappears into your ear, the battery-powered CIC version of the Customs is a great choice. The rechargeable ITC and ITE devices fit comfortably to your ear shape, despite a larger fit.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity - Enjoy the ability to pair your hearing aids with external devices to make phone calls, listen to music and more. Compatibility includes both iOS and Android devices.
  • Tailoring - In every way, the Custom adapts to your own personal needs. Starting with the choice of the appropriate model, which corresponds to your ear shape and your visual requirements, to the choice of color, to the setting of specific listening preferences.
  • Custom Charger - Your charger is as unique as your custom hearing aids themselves, as it is customized to the shape of the eardbuds to ensure optimal fit and smooth removal of the hearing aids. With an inductive charge, you can then experience up to 24 hours of listening pleasure. In addition, the portable charger includes an earwax tracker, which prevents blockages and thus guarantees successful charging.
  • Automatic Adjustment - As you switch between different environments and the accompanying varying listening demands, the ReSound Custom automatically adjusts its setting. Consequently, your sound understanding is improved situationally, but you can also readjust it yourself using the ReSound app for even more customized listening.
  • Weather and Sweat Resistant - Even physically active hearing aid wearers will enjoy the ReSound Custom because its nano-coating makes it perfect for challenging weather conditions and sweaty activities. Cleaning is further facilitated by the resistant coating, so you can quickly plunge into the next adventure!

ReSound Smart 3D App

For an even more personalized hearing experience, it's a good idea to download ReSound Smart 3D. This allows you to make adjustments to your hearing aids, such as changing the volume or program selection. Especially when switching between sound environments, such individualized readjustment can deliver a decisive hearing advantage. It is also possible to activate automatic selection of specific hearing programs for defined locations based on your location.

At the same time, the Smart 3D app carries an everyday facilitating role: it offers a tinnitus function that can improve your discomfort, as well as a search function that locates your hearing aids if they cannot be found. Ultimately, the app is a place to get help, because through it, your hearing care professional can make fine adjustments to your hearing aids for an improved sound experience.

ReSound Custom Accessories

For an unforgettable hearing experience, add-on accessories can further enhance your hearing performance for optimal sound results in any situation. For the ReSound Custom, the following accessories represent the appropriate addition:

  • TV adapter - A cozy TV evening with the whole family is unthinkable for many hearing impaired people due to the different hearing requirements. With the TV adapter, however, nothing stands in the way of watching your favorite movie together, because through this you can hear the sound of the TV directly through your hearing aids. All others watching along can hear the sound at a volume that is independent of you and sit back and relax.
  • Phone clip - Making phone calls is also a major hearing challenge. If you want to be able to make phone calls in a relaxed manner with your hands free, it is recommended that you choose the phone clip. You can attach this to your clothing and use it to make phone calls while perceiving the sound directly through your hearing aids.
  • Remote control - This remote control allows you to further personalize the settings of your ReSound Custom. Discreetly from your pocket, changes to the volume and program selection of your hearing aids can be made in an instant. This allows for quick situational adjustment to any sound environment.
  • Multi Mic - The multiple functions of the MultiMic's on the one hand, support you in noisy listening environments to improve your speech understanding. On the other hand, it serves as a table microphone that keeps track of group conversations for you in terms of sound. But it can do more: more distant speakers, such as at presentations or lectures, can carry the MultiMic with you, so that you perceive the voices directly through your hearing aids and thus do not miss any details. Likewise, the additional microphone is suitable for use with telecoils in public facilities.
  • Micro Mic - Distance to the person speaking usually causes the loss of speech details. However, with the compact MultiMic the speaker's voice is clearly perceptible at a distance of up to 25 meters through your hearing aids. To do this, this is attached to the lapel of the speaker and you enjoy free choice of place.

ReSound Custom colors

The ReSound Custom is available firstly in an in-style color: anthracite, and secondly in various blend-in colors that blend with different skin tones: Light Beige, Beige, Medium Brown, Brown, Dark Brown.

ReSound Custom Price

ReSound Custom hearing aids at MySecondEar cost between 1.590€ and 1.990€ depending on the technology level.

ReSound Custom 5 Price

The price for the ReSound Custom 5 at MySecondEar is 1.590€ per side

ReSound Custom 7 Price

The price for the ReSound Custom 7 at MySecondEar is 1.790€ per side

ReSound Custom 9 Price

The price for the ReSound Custom 9 at MySecondEar is 1.990€ per side

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