Phonak Virto Marvel

Technology Level: 90
Type: Battery
Color: Light Pink
1.990 €
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.
Hearing Aids side: Both

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Charger or 60 Batteries
High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
5 Adjustments included

The Phonak Virto Marvel

Virto Marvel hearing aids provide you with an exceptional sound quality which is especially due to the integrated AutoSense OS™ 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream Technology. AutoSense allows the Virto to automatically adapt to a variety of listening situations. The Binaural VoiceStream Technology enables the listener to hear with both sides, resulting in better speech understanding - even in challenging environments. The following features await you with the Phonak Virto Marvel:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Stream music, podcasts and audiobooks with your iOS or Android smartphone, as well as any other bluetooth devices.
  • Hands-Free Calling - Answer phone calls hands-free and hear them directly through your hearing aids.
  • Music-Speech Distinction - The Virto Marvel distinguishes between speech and music and adjusts its sound output accordingly.
  • Tinnitus Function - Treat ear noises with the tinnitus function of your Virto Marvel.
  • Ultra Zoom - Helps to zoom in on voices from people facing you in noisy situations while voices from the side and back are reduced.

Differences Virto Marvel 30, 50, 70, 90

The Virto Marvel 30 works best in quiet environments, contains technology for noise reduction and 8 adjustable channels. With the Virto 50 you will receive an improved comfort during noise interference, 12 adjustable channels. Overall it is more suitable for demanding listening situations than the Virto 30. In addition to the improved comfort, the Virto Marvel 70 also includes a music function, a 360° speech perception and a wind block function. 16 channels are adjustable in the Virto 70. Whereas the Virto Marvel 90 offers 20 adjustable channels. Moreover, the Virto 90 will prove itself in windy, noise or reverberant situations. As one can see, the Virto Marvel 90 offers the most advanced features and therefore offers the best hearing support for demanding hearing situations.

Using the myPhonak App

The new myPhonak app works similarly to its predecessor. For instance, it includes a real-time remote control for hearing care with live video chat support, access to battery status and wearing time, a hearing diary and other individual program settings.

In terms of remote control features, you'll find the familiar frequency control, a volume control, noise reduction settings, as well as a speech focus control. In addition, the app includes a slider to decrease loud sounds or increase quiet ones. The myPhonak app may be used to change minor settings of your Audeo Marvel. Likewise, the app is used for remote adjustments of your hearing aids by our hearing aid professionals.

Phonak Virto Marvel Accessories

  • TV Connector - Stream the sound of your favorite movie through your hearing aids with the Phonak TV Connector.
  • RogerSelect - Placed on the table, this microphone focuses on the active speaker and helps you to follow conversations with multiple speakers.
  • Remote Control - Simply adjust the volume and programme of your hearing aids by using this convenient remote.
  • PartnerMic - This additional microphone helps to comprehend speech from distant speakers or in noisy environments. Possible application fields include lectures or travelling with noisy vehicles such as trains.

Further Phonak accessories can be found here.

Phonak Virto Marvel Colors

The Phonak Virto Marvel is available in the following colors: Light pink, Alpine white, Transparent, Cocoa, Brown, Black.

Phonak Virto Marvel Price

Phonak Virto Marvel hearing aids at MySecondEar cost between 1.290€ and 1.990€ depending on the technology level.

Phonak Virto Marvel 30 Price

The price for the Phonak Virto Marvel 30 at MySecondEar is 1.290€ per single hearing aid.

Phonak Virto Marvel 50 Price

The price for the Phonak Virto Marvel 50 at MySecondEar is 1.490€ per single hearing aid.

Phonak Virto Marvel 70 Price

The price for the Phonak Virto Marvel 70 at MySecondEar is 1.690€ per single hearing aid.

Phonak Virto Marvel 90 Price

The price for the Phonak Virto Marvel 90 at MySecondEar is 1.990€ per single hearing aid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ferdinand Gsell
Very satisfied!

MySecondEar contacted me again, kept to the original contract agreements and delivered the hearing aids as quickly as possible, as well as the quality of the hearing aids: to my complete satisfaction!

Sepp Schoenbacher
Buying a hearing aid at MySecondEar

Mein Wusch war es, ein Hörgerät "2x Phonak Virto Marvel" zu kaufen. Erstaunlich hoch war jedoch Preis, den man verlangte. Ein Bekannter empfahl mir zu MySecondEar zu gehen. Dort konnte ich 2500 EUR sparen. In der Regensburger Str. 5 in Berlin empfing mich der Gehörakustiker Robert Schwarz. Nach der schriftlichen Bescheinigung des Einkaufpreises, die er mir übergab, begann er mit allen Messungen, die gebraucht wurden, um das Gehörgerät herzustellen. Bei der Übergabe des fertigen Gehörgerätes wurde mir die Handhabung genauestens erklärt.
Ich trage das Hörgerät nun seit 3 Wochen und bin voll zufrieden. Ich kann MySecondEar allen denen empfehlen, die ein gutes und preiswertes Hörgerät bei qualifizierter Betreuung suchen. Kauf und spätere Betreuung kann auch online durchgeführt werden.

Nadja Kunkel
Very good advice

Very good advice

Waldemar Machoczek
Phonak Virto Marvel

Ich bin mit den Hörgeräten mehr als zufrieden, besser gesagt, bin begeistert.
Especially the natural sound and also the background noise are no longer so disturbing. I can only warmly recommend the hearing aids.

Heinrich Range
Heinrich Range

Bin mit den Hörgeräten sehr zufrieden, evtl. etwas zu laut eingestellt im Hinblick was weibliche Stimmen anbetrifft bei Nachrichten im TV.
Will have readjusted after the acclimation period if the problem persists, otherwise everything is ok

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