Phonak Domes for Hearing Aids 4.0

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Phonak Domes for Hearing Aids 4.0

The Phonak 4.0 Dome Generation is available in ten different designs for small and large ear canals. As an open dome or closed version with ventilation. And of course, for the strongest, as a power double dome, which offers the highest possible tightness.

Open Domes are used for mild hearing loss. They offer special wearing comfort and the ear canal is well ventilated.


  • Open Dome 4.0 S is approximately 6 mm Ø
  • Open Dome 4.0 M is about 8 mm Ø
  • Open Dome 4.0 L is about 10 mm Ø

Closed domes make the programs in the Hearing Aid more effective and allow more amplification. Small ventilation holes are located on the top.


  • Vented dome 4.0 is approximately 6 mm Ø
  • Vented dome 4.0 is about 8 mm Ø
  • Vented dome 4.0 is about 10 mm Ø

Power Domes have 2 Domes in a row for a very high seal with strong supply.


  • Power Dome 4.0 S is approx. 8 mm Ø
  • Power Dome 4.0 M has a diameter of approx. 10 mm Ø
  • Powerdome 4.0 L is approx. 12 mm Ø

Power Dome 4.0 is suitable for the following Phonak Hearing Aids:


Technical data:

  • Color: Grey
  • Fits Phonak Hearing Aid 4.0

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Phonak Domes 4.0
  • Content: 1 piece

Customer Reviews

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Iris Witt
Now it fits

Habe beim Neukauf der Hörgeräte ein Sortiment Schirmchen erhalten, welche jedoch alle zu groß waren. Kein Problem für den Kundenberater, er sendete mir sofort kleinere Schirmchen nach Hause. Jetzt passt es perfekt.
My decision to buy the new hearing aids here was the right one. Good hearing aids, good service and good price. 👍

Charlie M. Gehrke

Phonak Domes 4.0 Hearing Aid Domes

Holger Luczak

Fast and good delivery times

Richard Janson
Promptly delivered.

Delivered quickly, great.

Hiltraut Weidmann
Prompt and super

I was thrilled that the delivery arrived so quickly. I get along well with the small domes. Thank you very much!

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