Widex Moment

Technology level: 440
Type: IIC
Price per single hearing aid. Shipping costs are free of charge.

Included with every Hearing Aid Purchase:

Charger or 60 Batteries
High quality Cleaning Set
Domes, Wax Guards, Receivers
3 Adjustments included

Widex Moment

Widex aims to provide a natural sound experience with Widex Moment. Available in various formations, the Widex Moment also comes with a lithium battery. The Widex Pure Sound technology enables an individual sound pattern. Unlike other Hearing Aids, there is less distortion of sounds. The Widex Moment is able to process sound almost as fast as a healthy hearing.

Your customized Hearing Aid

Using TruAcoustics, the hearing care professional can customize the device to precisely match the particular anatomy of the ear canal. The technology is based on over a thousand measurements and analyses of human ear canals. In addition to the clear sound, the perception of their own voice is also optimized.

Supported by artificial intelligence

The mRIC R D, RIC 312 D and BTE 13 D models can be tuned to the respective listening situation in real time. Integrated in the sound app, the AI's machine learning leads to your personal sound. You can also access the sound recommendation of numerous Widex users to adjust the sound even faster.

No more manual tuning needed

Widex Moment Hearing Aids automatically adjust to the respective hearing situation. No matter whether in noisy traffic, at dinner with friends or at home. The Hearing Aid responds precisely to the corresponding requirements. In the process, the adjustment takes place in such a short time that it remains unnoticed for you.

Perceive targeted speech

If you suffer from hearing loss, it is often difficult to focus on a particular speaker in noisy situations. Therefore, your Hearing Aid recognizes for you which sounds are unimportant and which are central for you. Background noise is faded out, while you can hear their conversation partner amplified.

Fade out background noise

There are many sounds that are uncomfortable with a Hearing Aid. The Widex Moment detects these and reduces their volume. This means that the clinking of glasses, the whirring of a refrigerator or wind noise during outdoor activities can no longer disturb you. Pleasant sounds such as the breaking spray at the sea or lake, however, remain.

Remote control with smartphone

The MOMENT models mRIC R D, RIC 312 D and BTE 13 D can be controlled with the WIDEX MOMENT app and the Widex Tone-Link app. They are equipped with wireless connectivity. Likewise, they can be connected to the TV or other mobile devices.  Phone calls you hear automatically through both ears.

All Widex Moment models come in a variety of colors and performance levels. With the brown tones available for selection are based on a hair color study.

Widex Moment Price

Widex Moment hearing aids at MySecondEar cost between $1,090 and $1,790 depending on the technology level.

Widex Moment 110 Price

The price for the Widex Moment 110 at MySecondEar is $1,090 for the battery version and $1,190 for the rechargeable version.

Widex Moment 220 Price

The price for the Widex Moment 220 at MySecondEar is $1,190 for the battery version and $1,290 for the rechargeable version.

Widex Moment 330 Price

The price for the Widex Moment 330 at MySecondEar is $1,390 for the battery version and $1,490 for the rechargeable version.

Widex Moment 440 Price

The price for the Widex Moment 440 at MySecondEar is $1,690 for the battery version and $1,790 for the rechargeable version.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Monika D.
All around satisfied

Although I was skeptical at first because of the rather low price, my expectations were more than exceeded. The hearing aid acousticians are friendly, helpful and very competent (I had other experiences with another hearing aid acoustician). Many thanks to Mr. Schwarz, Ms. Smiress and Mr. Alexander for the quick and uncomplicated, professional fitting of my new hearing aids.

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