Note: We want to explicitly state that we do NOT sell used hearing aids in our online store. This question has come up more frequently now, and we want to clearly communicate that this page is for that purpose only, in case you would like to donate your used hearing aids

Used Hearing Aids - Our Donation Campaign

Very often we receive requests from people who have used hearing aids and no longer need them. These are either relatives of people with hearing aids or the hearing aid users themselves who are about to get a new supply and no longer need the old devices. In most cases, the devices are still fully functional and therefore too good for electronic waste. As a solution, we have created the MySecondEar donation campaign. 

Who will receive the hearing aids? 

We work with a school for hearing-impaired children in Uganda. There are many children living there whose families cannot afford hearing aids on their own. At regular intervals, we send a package with all the donated hearing aids to Uganda, giving growing children the opportunity to hear better and participate fully in life again. 

Do the hearing aids have to be in perfect condition?

No, because your hearing aids will be checked, cleaned and worn parts replaced by our acousticians and master acousticians before being shipped to Uganda. So we refurbish the hearing aids so that they are ready for further use.

Where should I send the used hearing aids?

We collect the hearing aids at the following address: MySecondEar GmbH, Regensburger Straße 5, 10777 Berlin. So you can either bring the devices by or send them to us by mail. 

You are looking for new hearing aids?

Through the online store, we at MySecondEar sell hearing aids. Of course, exclusively new devices from leading hearing aid manufacturers like Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, Starkey and Signia. Together with our master acousticians and audiologists, the hearing aids are then fitted remotely. If you want to know more about it, call us very happy at 030 3080 6040