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The most modern Hearing aid from Oticon

The Oticon Opn is the highlight hearing aid from the company Oticon even, because it is the most modern of Oticon. This is due to the Oticon Velox ™ technology platform. This offers an enormously high speed. This makes it easier for the hearing aid to analyse and compensate for sounds. The strongest of all devices in the Opn series is the Opn S with the-hearing technology. This makes it possible to create a hearing profile tailored to the hearing aid wearer. In addition to natural noise processing, this hearing aid offers many other, fascinating features that we will list below.

Support for your brain

Unlike the old hearing system models, which only hide disturbing sounds, this hearing aid works differently. The Oticon Opn amplifies the sounds you hear so you understand more and experience a natural sound. Because you as a hearing aid know best that it is disturbing not to understand everything and it is foreign and side sounds not to hear. The integrated artificial intelligence also contributes to the brain being better connected to the hearing aid and thus the sounds sound more genuine.

In addition, researchers researched the hearing aid on subjects and found that the subjects had to make less effort to hear something than with other hearing aids. In addition, the subjects had a stronger recollection on the conversation content.

Optimal sound processing of the Opn model

This hearing aid has in its famously notorious Velox platform, which is a chip with high-performance computing speed of more than 1.2 billion processors per second. Thus, Oticon surpassed itself, since the Opn model is 50 times faster than the previous models.

The Velox platform also has an OpenSound Navigator, which captures and analyzes the entire environment and various sound sources, or subsequently processes them in a flash. What is meant by lightning fast? The sounds in the environment are analyzed 500 times per second and the brain receives all the sounds in real time. Another development is the Spatial Sound LX, which Direction hearing allows. Furthermore, TwinLink technology is integrated, which includes both hearing aids on both sides by Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI). Consequently, like listening without hearing aid on both ears, you get the same without different volume levels. This also strengthens the listening to directions.

Should you be under Tinnitus then this hearing aid is just right for you. Because Oticon Opn has a built-in sound generator, the Tinnitus SoundEthing TM. This overplays disturbing sounds with pleasant sounds like sea noise.

The hearing aid of the future with superior Bluetooth functions

The Oticon Opn is also compatible with smartphones and has a Bluetooth function. In addition, Oticon has its own app the Oticon ON app with which you have all the more functions. By using the device with the Iphone For example, you can transfer information directly from the iphone. In addition, you can connect to the Internet completely with the Oticon hearing aid. This is a uniqueness that does not yet exist with other hearing aids. As a result, you can connect your hearing aids to other Internet-enabled devices beyond smart devices. So you get a little miniton that points to a new email, the washed dishes in the dishwasher or your finished food in the oven (provided that these devices also have an internet function).

Incidentally, if you are on the road but don't want to miss these functions, you don't need to worry with these hearing aids anymore: the batteries (312 battery) can be recharged again and again.

Is the Opn model right for you?

You may now wonder how you should know if this hearing aid is perfect for you. Buying this hearing aid makes a lot of sense for multitaskers.

This means that people who are constantly talking to several people participate in conferences, team meetings and business lunches.

Even the people who like to meet with their friends in the café or in the restaurant or spend time with the big family, the device is exactly the right thing.

If you are also "tech-savvy," or don't want to do without your podcast, netflix series or the like while preparing something, you will love the Bluetooth function.

If you have any further questions regarding this hearing aid or hearing aids from Oticon, please feel free to contact contact us.

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