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This product is B goods. Any defects are only optical and the product is still fully functional.

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Phonak TV Link II for ComPilot Receiver

You appreciate the possibilities that your ComPilot offers, but a few of your devices "don't know" unfortunately Bluetooth?

You want to integrate your stereo or TV? No problem, the TVLink transmitter makes it Bluetooth-enabled.

TV Link II is a transmitter that works together with the ComPilot II ComPilot Air

With the TV transmitter and your existing Receiver, you can hear the TV sound directly through your Hearing Aids with the individual gain set in them. Without cumbersome cable connection or headphones, you can move freely around the room and listen effortlessly. The range from the transmitter to the Receiver is about 30 meters. The unique stereo sound and lightning-fast transmission from the TV to the Hearing Aid guarantee a perfect listening experience.

Of course, you can also connect the adapter to any other audio device that has an audio output. Take advantage of the possibilities!

The Bluetooth transmitter is a useful addition to your Phonak ComPilot.
TVLink II connects easily to the streamer at the touch of a button and the Bluetooth connection is established.
At the same time, the transmitter serves as a charging station for the streamer. (As delivered, the slot for the ComPilot Air is pre-installed, an alternative slot for ComPilot II is included and can be exchanged.)

The installation of the TVLink II is very simple:

Place the Bluetooth transmitter next to the TV. Now connect the adapter to your TV using either Toslink, RCA cable or 3.5mm jack plug. Plug the power adapter into a free power outlet. Done.

Now pair once your existing ComPilot with the new transmitter.
ComPilot Air - Power button and volume button (+) simultaneously hold down.
ComPilot II - connection button and volume button (+) simultaneously hold down.
After successful pairing, a small diode glows constantly blue.

A plus and minus button on the transmitter allows you to adjust the volume of the signal without changing the room tone. This means your partner can listen at the volume they prefer, while you adjust your volume to suit your own needs.


  • Bluetooth transmitter for Phonak ComPilot Receiver
  • For connection to audio sources without Bluetooth
  • for TV or stereo
  • Volume control via push buttons on the transmitter

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 101 × 77 × 30 mm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Color: champagne
  • Battery: 500 mA
  • Range: up to 30 meters

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Phonak TVLink II Bluetooth transmitter
  • 1x insert for ComPilot
  • 1x insert for ComPilot Air
  • 1x power plug
  • 1x Audio cable with jack plug 3.5 mm - length: 0.9 m
  • 1x Audio cable with RCA plug - length: 0.9 m
  • 1x Optical Toslink cable - length: 0.9 m
  • 1x Insert for charging slot ComPilot II
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x instruction manual

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