Phonak Roger Pen

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Phonak Roger Pen

Phonak Roger are the ideal complement to hearing aids and can extend your radius enormously. A wireless system always consists of a transmitter and a receiver , which is connected to your hearing aids. Wireless communication technology is now used in countless applications and situations around the world where communication is key.

A wireless system for hearing aid users works in the same way. It consists of a microphone transmitter that picks up the speaker's voice and sends it wirelessly via radio to the wireless receiver that is paired with your hearing aids.

Why is wireless communication so important?

Even with the best hearing aids, most people have difficulty understanding in difficult situations, such as watching television, in a business meeting or in a restaurant. In all of these situations, communication is greatly improved with the use of a wireless system.

Easy to use

Intelligent technology doesn't have to be complicated, and Roger is really easy to use. There are no frequencies to program or manage. With the push of a button, the transmitter and receiver are paired together. Roger is the most compatible system of its kind. It works with almost all BTE hearing aids, cochlear implants and soundfield sound systems.

In addition, the Phonak Roger Pen combines advanced wireless technology with modern design - technology that's a sight to behold!

Phonak Roger Pen in use:

As a directional microphone:

In noisy environments or lectures, you can get the maximum benefit from the external microphone. The microphone characteristic is fully automatic and requires no manual adjustment.
Simply position the Roger Pen near the speaker during a lecture. You can find a place in the room without having to consider acoustic conditions or visibility. Your Roger Pen reliably transmits what is being said to your hearing system via radio.

In small groups:

For example, in a restaurant, simply place it on the table. Roger Pen accurately picks up voices and sends what you're saying to your hearing instruments.

As an audio connector:

You can connect Roger Pen directly to any audio source with a cable. Or you can connect the charging station via a jack plug to the TV, for example. This way, Roger Pen will be charged at the same time.

Alternatively, simply place the Roger as a directional microphone in front of the speaker without any further cable connection. This allows you to listen to music or TV sound directly in your hearing aid without distracting background noise.

Unlike the full Roger Pen, the Roger Pen cannot stream to Bluetooth-enabled phones! Also, the Pen has only one microphone for sound recording, so the features cannot be changed.


  • Simple / intuitive operation
  • Robust housing
  • New digital standard - Roger technology (since July 2013)
  • Automatic frequency channel search for interference-free transmission
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Range up to 10 meters indoors

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 145 x 10 mm
  • Weight: approx. 20 g
  • Color: blue, silver or red (please specify)
  • Hi-Mi-Nr.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Phonak Roger Pen wireless microphone
  • 1x charging cradle
  • 1x connection cable
  • 1x user manual

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