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Roger MyLink is the Receiver for all Hearing Aids with T-coil

Phonak Roger technology is the ideal complement for your Hearing Aids. You can use it to expand your hearing possibilities enormously.

A wireless system always consists of at least one transmitter and one Receiver, which is connected to your Hearing Aid. 

For example, if you attend a lecture, you can place the transmitter microphone by the speaker and then also find a more distant place in the room. The microphone transmitter picks up every word and sends what is said in real time to your wireless Receiver or Hearing Aids. This way you can be sure to easily follow a lecture even from a greater distance. However, the transmitters can also be connected to a wide variety of audio sources, allowing you to hear television sound or music directly through your Hearing Aids.

Phonak Roger MyLink is a radio Receiver that fits Roger transmitters.

Roger MyLink is a cost-effective option, as this Receiver can operate two Hearing Aids simultaneously. The Receiver has a neck cord that houses an induction loop. Wear MyLink around your neck like a necklace. The induction field of the cord responds to the telecoil in your Hearing Aids and thus transmits the speech signal. Roger MyLink is usable with any Hearing Aid that has a telecoil.

    Anyone who wants to hear better in noisy environments can enjoy the benefits of MyLink. This is because Phonak MyLink not only works with Hearing Aids, but can also be worn with headphones. This makes it suitable for use when traveling, attending lectures or other events.


    • Roger Receiver
    • easy handling
    • excellent Roger sound quality
    • Suitable for all Hearing Aids with a telecoil
    • Headphone jack for users without Hearing Aids

    Technical specifications:

    • Dimensions: 66 x 29 x 12 mm
    • Weight: 42 g
    • Length of neck strap: 760 mm
    • Range: about 10 meters indoors, about 30 meters outdoors
    • Battery life: approximately 10 hours
    • Battery charging time: approximately 2 hours
    • WEEE Reg.No.:56465258
    • Hi.Mi.

    Scope of supply:

    • 1x Phonak Roger MyLink incl. rechargeable battery
    • 1x Phonak charging cable
    • 1x connection cable for audio devices

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