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Phonak Audeo Life

Technology level: 90
Design: Rechargeable
Color: Silver gray
2.190 € 2.290 €
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Phonak Audéo Life

With the Audéo Life, Phonak introduces a hearing aid that complements an active, sporty lifestyle to a particular degree. Part of the popular Paradise- series, the new device stands out with an additional coating that promises high resilience. In the Life, clear sound meets absolute practicality. With this new rechargeable companion, you no longer have to worry about missing out on physical activities because of your hearing loss. The Phonak Audéo Life adapts to your life, not the other way around!

The following highlights, among others, await you in the Phonak Audéo Life:

  • Waterproof - The Audéo Life is waterproof to depths of up to 50cm. This encloses fresh, as well as salt and pool water.
  • Sweatproof - Sweat is an integral part of a physically active life. With the Life, you don't have to worry about the health of your hearing aid in humid conditions, even during extreme physical activity.
  • Health data - In the future, you can easily record and retrieve health data, such as your step count, using the myPhonak app. This feature will help you achieve individual health goals.
  • Universal connectivity - Phonak's new hearing aid offers comprehensive Bluetooth connectivity to various smartphones and matching accessories from Phonak.
  • Tap Control- Easily control your Bluetooth-connected devices with a simple tap. This allows you to, for example, answer or end phone calls, as well as influence music playback.

myPhonak App

The myPhonak app allows you to conveniently and independently change settings on your hearing aids. This includes, for example, adjusting the volume, program selection, or configuring individual settings. You can also call up status information about your hearing aid via the app and find out about its battery level. Your wearing time statistics can also be tracked via the app. Phonak will be adding new functions from the summer of 2022: In the future, health data will also be part of the app. Here you can track your activities, measure step counts and achieve your health goals with the help of Phonak.

Phonak Audéo Life Accessories

  • Tv Connector - Listen to the sound of your TV directly through your hearing aids with the help of the TV Connector. So there's no fighting over volume and you won't miss a second of your favorite show!
  • Remote Control - This handy remote control allows you to change the volume and program selection. It can be operated subtly from your pocket. This allows you to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment and optimally adapt your hearing aids to it.
  • Partner Mic- The Partner Mic amplifies what a speaker is saying. Over a distance of up to 25 meters, this additional microphone thus promises optimized speech understanding. Also in particularly demanding listening situations, for example, in conversations with strong ambient noise, the Partner Mic can serve as a support.
  • Roger On iN - Not losing focus in the noise - the Roger On iN manages to do just that! It is equipped with sophisticated technology that can distinguish speech from noise. Thus, it ensures that the spoken word is highlighted, which in turn leads to improved speech perception.

For more information and additional accessories from Phonak, see here.

Phonak Audéo Life colors

The Phonak Audéo Life is available in the following colors: silver gray, champagne, sand beige, graphite gray, chestnut, velvet black, sandalwood, beige.

Phonak Audeo Life Price

Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids at MySecondEar cost between 1.290€ and 1.990€ depending on the technology level.

Phonak Audeo Life 30 Price

The price for the Phonak Audeo Life 30 at MySecondEar is 1.290€ per side

Phonak Audeo Life 50 Price

The price for the Phonak Audeo Life 50 at MySecondEar is 1.490€ per side

Phonak Audeo Life 70 Price

The price for the Phonak Audeo Life 70 at MySecondEar is 1.790€ per side

Phonak Audeo Life 90 Price

The price for the Phonak Audeo Life 90 at MySecondEar is 1.990€ per side

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jürgen Baier

Phonak Audeo Lumity Life

Martin Friedli
Basically OK 👍

Die Sendungsverfolgung funktionierte leider nur bis an die Grenze zur Schweiz, danach war Blindflug.
Bedauerlich war, dass die Hörgeräte ca. 1 Woche nach dem Kauf je 400.- günstiger waren und dies im unmittelbar davor stattgefundenen Dialog nicht erwähnt wurde.
Die Einstellungen konnten 1:1 vom vor 1.5 Jahr davor gekauften Hörgerät übernommen werden und funktionieren gut.

Wolfgang Dr. Abel
It was worth it

Freundlich, umfassend, individuell geduldige Beratung, sorgfältige Anpassung. Beachtlicher Kaufpreis!
Phonak Remote App capricious, pairing has dropouts acclimatization phase (?)

Wilfried Huebner
very good

nach 2 maligen Versuchen mit Akustiker den Streaming einzurichten und erst nach Telefonat mit MysecondEar ist es plötzlich gelungen Trotzdem 5 Sterne weil die Hörgeräte sehr gut sind

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