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Oticon Opn S.

When Oticon launched its popular Opn hearing aids in 2016, the company said the company's goal was to enable people with hearing loss to understand speech "at eye level with people with normal hearing" - even in noisy environments. In 2019, the company took another big step towards this goal with its Opn S hearing aids. The Made-for-iPhone Opn S models are more than just a gradual upgrade. They're based on a new sound processing platform, Velox S, which Oticon says has dramatically improved hearing aid performance in three ways:

Finally understand the language like someone with normal hearing

With Oticon Opn S you hear more naturally than with any other hearing system before. The innovative hearing system is the next generation of Opn technology and continues the unprecedented success story of the Oticon Opn.

With Opn technology, you can hear voices and sounds from all directions in a transient manner. You can master conversations with several people in a noisy environment more easily and be more active and relaxed.

People who use the Oticon Opn S can understand speech even better and more easily and remember more of a conversation. Even more: The latest studies show that hearing impaired people can finally participate in activities in noisy situations like their normal hearing peers.

Your 360 access to all call participantsn

Instead of highlighting a single speaker and lowering everything else, with Oticon Opn S hearing systems, you experience the entire soundscape. This is because Oticon Opn S preserves speech from all directions and forwards the information to the brain.

You perceive that several people are speaking from different directions. At the same time, you can reach the important sounds from the environment, while annoying noise is reduced. With Oticon Opn S you can enjoy a natural sound image, it is easier for you to hear and understand, and you can then remember more of the content of the conversation.

The highlight: You can focus on what is important to you from the full range of sounds and change your attention at any time.

You will love the amazing freedom to choose who to listen to. Thanks to Oticon Opn S, you'll be able to participate more in conversations again, even if they take place in a noisy environment.

Hear ears - the brain understands

We hear with our ears, but understanding is a process carried out by the brain: it constantly orients itself in the entire environment. The brain separates the important from the unimportant by blocking out the unimportant. It focuses on what it wants to understand and recognizes what is being said by comparing it with its vocabulary.

Good hearing and brain relief have far-reaching short- and long-term positive effects on wellbeing. So shows z. B. a recent study Livingston et al., 2017 that the treatment of hearing loss in middle age reduces the risk of dementia more than any other measure, such as B. quitting smoking or exercising more.n.

Oticon Opn S supports the way the brain works

Oticon develops hearing systems to give the brain the best possible support. So-called BrainHearingTM technologies offer you many advantages:

  • You hear everything around you as naturally as possible..
  • You understand more and can handle conversations with several people more easily.
  • You have to make less effort to understand, i. H. You're less exhausted at the end of the day.
  • Your memory increases, i.e. H. At the end of a sentence you still know what was said at the beginning

Two unique, patented BrainHearing technologies

With Oticon Opn S you benefit from two globally unique BrainHearing technologies: the OpenSound NavigatorTM and the OpenSound OptimizerTM work fast enough to support the brain in its natural understanding work.

Open Sound Navigator™

The OpenSound Navigator, which is responsible for the great success of Oticon Opn, also ensures that the successor model Oticon Opn S ensures that you can perceive the 360 soundscape at any time, just like with natural hearing. 

1. Analysis

Analysis of the 360 environment 500 times a second..

2. Weighting

Every 8 milliseconds, speech and background noise are weighted in such a way that everything remains perceptible to you, but nothing bothers you. The speech is transmitted from all directions.

3. Reduce noise

Permanent background noise dark gray, which occurs in many situations, is reduced so quickly that it even disappears between individual words mint dark light gray.grau).

Open Sound Optimizer

The ultra-fast OpenSound Optimizer from Oticon Opn S provides you with the amplification you need with a high level of listening comfort. You gain up to 30 more speech details and enjoy a clear and natural sound..

The highlight: With Oticon Opn S, feedback whistling is a thing of the past.

Networked with the world at all times - that is limitless freedom

With Oticon Opn S, you can make phone calls with ease, enjoy wonderful music, watch TV in a relaxed manner, understand a lecture or be informed when someone rings the doorbell.

Operate Oticon ON App hearing systems with your smartphonen

Enjoy this wonderful feeling of mobility: Simply connect your Oticon Opn S hearing systems to your iPhone or AndroidTM smartphone via the Oticon ON app and control volume or hearing programs with a simple swipe of your finger. Simply download the free app from the App Store or Google PlayTM and off you go. The Oticon ON App offers you a. a link to the user manual, a search function for the hearing systems and tips for dealing with hearing lossg. 

Using the Oticon ON app, everyday products can be easily connected to Oticon Opn S via the Internet service IFTTT www.ifttt.com. In the Oticon ON App you will also find the HearingFitnessTM function, which helps you to wear your hearing systems regularly and to use them as best as possible. Oticon Opn S has the OpenSound Booster in the app exclusively. You can activate this if you want more support from the hearing systems every now and then in a rather calm situation B. When you have a busy day behind you.st.

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