Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0


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Phonak Audéo Marvel M30

You will experience love at first sound not only when you try out a Phonak Audéo Marvel for the first time, but every day that you wear your hearing aids!

From the first fitting, your Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids offer you a sound quality that is second to none. To achieve this, Phonak has taken the reliable performance of their technology even further in every way, so that Marvel hearing aids work exactly the way you want in the most demanding environments.

The new generation of Phonak hearing aids recognizes more listening situations than ever before and adapts to them automatically. Enjoy even better speech intelligibility in noisy environments and less listening effort. You'll be amazed. With good hearing, you can communicate better and participate better in everyday life, which helps you to feel good all round! And since Phonak Audéo Marvel also offers you a clear, full sound, you too will experience love at first sound every day anew! 

What makes Phonak Audéo Marvel so unique?

The technical landscape is changing incredibly quickly these days. Telephone calls, chat messages, emails, TV and numerous apps are taking up an ever larger part of our lives. Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids can be easily connected to common electronic devices in everyday life and you can enjoy clear, full sound.

Smartphone connectivity

Unlike other hearing aids on the market, Marvel hearing aids can be connected directly to iOS or Android smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices to stream any type of audio signal directly to both ears. Enjoy the freedom to call hands-free thanks to built-in microphones that record your voice. All you have to do is press the button on the hearing aid to accept or decline a call, even if your smartphone is across the room. In addition, you can decide whether the notification tones of your smartphone should be played directly through your Marvel hearing aids. And that's not all: Marvel hearing aids offer the best sound quality in stereo for music, videos, radio plays, podcasts and much more!

TV and multimedia use

In addition to the universal Bluetooth connectivity, Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids offer the AirStream technology specially developed by Phonak, which offers top-rated sound quality when streaming from TV and multimedia devices. Enjoy your favorite series and films with the Phonak TV Connector, a simple plug-and-play solution..

Marvel hearing aids may work even better like wireless headphones because they can tell whether speech or music is being transmitted and automatically adjust to guarantee you the best possible sound quality. 

    Powerful rechargeable battery technology

    With the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, Phonak paved the way for rechargeable solutions in the hearing aid industry. Marvel hearing aids are also available with this technology. They can be charged quickly and have a long running time. There is no need to change the battery, just charge and go!!

    Your Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids are ready to use as soon as you put them on your ears, just like your smartphone. They turn on automatically when they are removed from the charger and turn off automatically when they are put back in the charger. Enjoy unlimited listening and streaming all day long thanks to powerful battery technology.

    What you can expect:

    • Easy to use, no battery changes required
    • Double-sided listening all day, including streaming
    • Extremely fast charging
    • Battery life of up to 6 years

    With the easy-to-use charging options, including the new Mini Charger Case with standard USB-C charging port, you can charge your hearing aids conveniently anywhere.

    Via the Phonak Audeo Marvel app

    myCall-to-Text app

    Following phone calls can be challenging, especially when there is background noise. You don't even have to hold the phone to your ear thanks to Marvel's hands-free calling. With the Phonak myCall-to-Text app, you can read on the screen in real time what the person on the other end of the line is saying. It works like subtitles on TV or in the cinema. You can now read what you hear on your smartphone in over 80 languages.

    What you can expect:

    • Hear and read what your interlocutor is saying and communicate confidently
    • The app works regardless of the type of telephone the person you are talking to, mobile phone, office phone or landline connection at home, and the person you are talking to does not have to install the appen
    • Save the transcript of the conversation for future reference

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