Humantechnik LPU-1 Set Ring Line Receiver - A-4276-0

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Humantechnik LPU-1 set chin loop receiver

The chin loop receiver is a receiver for use in conjunction with loop systems. After switching on, the Humantechnik LPU-1 automatically detects the existing loop signal and you can listen as with a normal headphone. A volume control on the chin bar allows you to adjust the volume (up to 120 dB) individually. The battery lasts about 6 to 8 hours, so nothing stands in the way of an undisturbed evening.

The chin bar receiver is charged by simply placing it in the charging station, which is included in the LPU-1 set. So if you don't wear hearing aids but still like to listen through a ring loop, these ring loop headphones are a very good solution. You can use it anywhere a ring loop is already installed, such as many churches, movie theaters, or theaters. Find out which rows of seats are set up for the hearing impaired, and look for those areas the next time you visit.

Of course, it's also great for use in accessible buildings or businesses that have a loop system installed. If a larger meeting takes place here, those who are perhaps a little further away from the speaker can effortlessly understand everything via the chin bar receiver.

The LPU-1 ring line receiver can be used with:

  • Humantechnik ring line LA-240
  • Humantechnik ring line LA-60
  • Loop systems installed in churches or theaters
  • Ring circuits installed in barrier-free public buildings


  • Inductive receiver for loop signals
  • Very simple operation
  • Automatically detects an existing loop signal
  • Volume adjustable up to 120dB
  • 5-way charging station optionally available
  • Noise reduction filter switchable

Technical data:

  • Frequency range: 70 - 5400Hz
  • Distortion factor < 1
  • Operating time: approx. 8 hours
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Color: anthracite

Included in delivery:

  • 1x Humantechnik LPU-1 induction receiver
  • 1x Humantechnik PLU-1 charging station
  • 1x rechargeable battery
  • 1x instruction manual

Please note:

People with pacemakers or other medical devices should contact their physician and the manufacturer of the pacemaker or other medical device before using an induction loop. Use of an induction loop with a pacemaker or other medical device must always be in accordance with the safety recommendations of the physician responsible for your pacemaker or the manufacturer of the pacemaker.


We provide the end user with a 24-month warranty (excluding batteries and accumulators). The warranty service includes free repair and free return shipping. The warranty is void in case of damage caused by improper handling and repair attempts by persons not authorized by Humantechnik (violation of the device seal).

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