Humantechnik DS-2 RF Radio Lisa Digital Alarm Clock - A-3252-0

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Humantechnik DS-2 radio-controlled alarm clock for the hearing impaired

The LISA DS-2 radio-controlled alarm clock heralds a new generation of alarm clocks at Humantechnik. Here comes a real eye-catcher that sets standards. Intelligent digital technology offers more possibilities. A strong alarm signal and a bright LED flashing light are standard features. In addition, there is the possibility to connect other accessories, such as the Humantechnik vibration cushion or the flashing light module.

Large luminous digits ensure that the time is always easy to read even in the dark. The display has an automatic brightness control. The function keys are located on the top of the alarm clock and operation is intuitive.

The DS-2 radio-controlled alarm clock is a full-fledged receiver for the radio LISA transmitters. When one of the transmitters triggers a signal, you will be reliably awakened by your new alarm clock. A colored indicator in the display of the alarm clock lets you see at a glance which transmitter it is. So you know immediately whether it has rung at the door or whether the baby transmitter calls you.


  • Receiver for Humantechnik radio Lisa system
  • Humantechnik Digital Alarm Clock
  • Very loud alarm signal
  • strong flashing light signal via LED
  • Connection for human technology add-on module
  • Power failure bypass
  • Snooze function

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 200 × 100 × 78 mm
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 410 g
  • Art.Mi.

Included in delivery:

  • 1x Humantechnik DS-2 RF digital alarm clock
  • 1x user manual

Please note:

Light signal systems for the hearing impaired always consist of at least one transmitter and one receiver from the same program. You can also combine a receiver with different transmitters. Just as you need it. New modules can easily be added to an existing signal system. They are automatically recognized by the other modules. The range from the transmitter to the receiver is about 80 meters, if you need more, the repeater will help you. If you have a mild hearing loss, your health insurance may subsidize a flash alarm. If you would like to apply, we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.


Humantechnik offers a 24-month warranty (excluding batteries and accumulators) to the end customer. The warranty service includes free repair and free return shipping. The warranty is void in case of damage caused by improper handling and repair attempts by persons not authorized by Humantechnik (violation of the device seal).

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