Hörluchs HA COM

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Hörluchs HA COM - Telephony & Communication at Work

The HA COM is a customized hearing protection combined with an advanced communication unit that can be connected to all popular smartphones

Scope of delivery

  • Case
  • Headset cable
  • Page identification
  • serial number
  • User information


Placing the microphone directly in front of the mouth provides the best possible voice quality in noisy situations. A specially designed directional microphone ensures the suppression of background noise.

The technical connection is robust and perfectly suited for use in the trade. The possibility of individual volume control means that the call or music volume can be adjusted by cable remote control if necessary. Muting of the microphone is also possible via this. The HA COM is available in a one-sided and a two-sided version. The two-sided communication connection can further increase the speech intelligibility.

Technical data

  • Cable: interchangeable, 2-pin connector
  • Cable length: 160 cm, with remote control, volume control (VC) and mute switch
  • Connection: 3.5 mm jack, four-pin
  • Microphone: directional microphone with noise reduction
  • Microphone sensitivity: -56 +/- 3 dB
  • Gooseneck: length 12 cm, with removable pop shield in red

Optimal For:

  • Workstations with communication via smartphone
  • Noise workplaces
  • Machine and plant operators
  • Transportation service drivers
  • Crane operators
  • Construction supervisor
  • Industrial climber


  • Unmatched high voice quality
  • Specially designed communication unit with directional microphone
  • Highest speech intelligibility at the noise workplace
  • Volume control via integrated remote control
  • Free-handed telephoning at the workplace and at the wheel
  • Practical and safe to wear behind the ear
  • Biocompatible material for best skin compatibility

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