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The Hadeo cleaning concentrate for optimal care

The Hadeo Cleaning Concentrate contains concentrated cleaning fluid and serves the optimal care of the ear pieces of your hearing aids.

The cleaning concentrate is best achieved with the Hadeo Cleaning Dose used. The concentrate ensures a pleasant freshness and a thorough cleanliness of your otoplasties. Please note that the product is not for Hearing-aids is suitable.

In order to ensure optimal functionality of your hearing aids, you should regularly clean your earpieces. This is how you prevent inflammation in your hearing.

We recommend a hygienic cleaning bath. The Hadeo cleaning fluid is ideal for this purpose. This reliably cleans your earpieces and dissolves ceramic residue.

Application instructions for a cleaning bath of your earpieces

  • First you release the sound hose from your Rear-ear-hearing.
  • Then mix the cleaning concentrate with water in ratio 1:5. Take warm water for this.
  • Then put your earpieces in the cleaning liquid for at least 15 minutes. For this purpose, the Hadeo Cleaning Dose especially good.
  • You can also leave your earrings in the water bath longer. However, make sure they do not spend more than two hours there.
  • It is recommended to clean your earpieces at least once a week. If necessary, you can also shorten the cleaning intervals.
  • After cleaning, you should dry the otoplasties well. The remaining liquid in the acoustic hose must be expelled.
  • For this purpose, the Hadeo Puster. very good. Breathing through your mouth is not enough.
  • Often, fluid remains in the acoustic tube. This may lead to the speakers of your hearing aids being attacked. It may also interfere with transmission.
  • For hygienic reasons, you should change the cleaning fluid after each operation.

Characteristics of the cleaning liquid

  • You can dilute the liquid according to the instructions.
  • It is very productive and allows you to use several applications.
  • The concentrate is recommended for regular use.

Scope of care product

  • 1x Hadeo cleaning concentrate
  • 100-ml content, corresponding to 600 ml cleaning liquid

Do you have any further questions, please contact us or visit our Youtube ChannelHere you will find many useful tips.

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