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Audio Service Open Tube Sound Tube

Audio Service Open Tube for an open Hearing Aid fitting. Instead of a traditional earmold, thin tubes are used that do not close the ear canal.
The thin sound tubes on your Hearing Aids should be replaced when they become hard or discolored. Doing so will ensure that your Hearing Aid is transmitting properly. You will also avoid pressure points that can be caused by a hardened sound tube. 

The Audio Service tubes Open Tube are suitable for the following Audio Service Hearing Aids:

  • Audio Service DUO
  • Audio Service XS G4 and G3
  • Audio Service Volta XS
  • Audio Service Luxor
  • Audio service Monza
  • Sound master service Riva
  • Audio service Magixx
  • audio service Bizz
  • Audio service Acro
  • Audio service Nova


  • Sound tube with low visibility for Hearing Aids
  • Skin-friendly material
  • for open fitting

Technical specifications:

  • 6 different lengths available.
  • Please note the correct length engraved on the ear canal end of the sound tube when ordering.
  • Associated Dome: Audio Service Open Tip.

Scope of supply:

  • 1x Audio Service Open Tube

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christian Strzelczyk

Audio Service Tubes Open Tube

Friedhelm Alhäuser
Sound hose Fiede AudServ

Everything fine, only this time long delivery time!

Sven Brandt
Audio Service Tubes Open Tube

Very fast delivery

Bernd Hawerkamp
Everything fine

It is difficult to get spare parts for older hearing aids, even at the acoustician where once bought, but here is probably everything to get Thanks

Walter Boestfleisch

Shipment i.O. But were too small for Phonak Also the tube too thin

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