udio Service Charging+ Station (R Li G7, P Li G6, HP Li G6)

Variant: R Li G7
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Audio Service Charging+ Station - Charging Station

The Audio Service Charging+ Station reliably charges your P, HP Li-Ion G6 or R Li G7 hearing aids. At the same time, the charging station has an integrated drying function.

The gentle drying ensures reliable function and longevity of your hearing aids. The UV light ensures thorough disinfection of your hearing aids.

Compatible Audio Service hearing aids:

  • Audio Service R Li G7 (=charging station R Li)
  • Audio Service P Li-Ion G6 (=charging station B-P)
  • Audio Service HP Li-Ion G6 (=charging station B-HP)

Please be sure to select the correct charging station for your hearing aids, as there are different inserts depending on the hearing aid size.


  • Portable charging case with drying function
  • Charging station for Audio Service Li-Ion G6 hearing instruments
  • Can also be used with earpieces/ear molds
  • Color: black

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Audio Service Charging Station+ (variant B-P or B-HP)
  • 1x plug-in power supply
  • 1x user manual

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