Our hearing aid experts and master audiologists at MySecondEar specialize in in-depth hearing aid consultation, sales and fitting. We help you find the hearing aid that perfectly fits your hearing situation and lifestyle. We offer our hearing aids at a very affordable price. Our mission is to give everyone access to good hearing aids and make the devices affordable. How can we achieve this?

Our business model is different from the traditional hearing care professional in your area. At MySecondEar, you get everything you need for your hearing aids: An excellent initial fitting of your device, customized to your hearing, and another remote fitting. Plus, you get a pack of batteries so you can start using your hearing aids right away. Therein lies the big price difference. At your local acoustician, many theoretical visits and checks are already included in the price, even if you do not use this service. If you need further adjustments of your hearing aids at MySecondEar, you are always welcome. For each appointment you make with us, we will charge you for the time we spend with you. This way, you only pay for the service you actually use.

1. Optimized processes for hearing aid fitting
Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in online customer service. Since we are primarily in contact with our customers online, this leads to cost savings here as well. We are happy to pass these savings on to our customers and offer the hearing aids at a lower price. If you have any questions or if there are any uncertainties, our competent acousticians are always available as contact persons.

2. We do not have a large number of hearing aid stores
Unlike many hearing aid chains, we only have one company headquarters and a few service points in Germany. This allows us to keep our rent very low and save enormous costs.

3. No expensive marketing
Our advertising is mainly on the internet and online. This allows us to target our marketing more effectively and has great savings. We do not advertise on television or radio. This way we can keep the prices of our hearing aids low and affordable for our customers.

Are you currently testing hearing aids? We will make you a counter offer!
You are currently testing hearing aids for trial? Then let us know via chat, email or phone which hearing aids you are currently wearing and we will tell you how much they cost. Of course, you can also get an overview of our models and hearing aids in our store.