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We hear it often: people have bought a hearing aid, but then don't wear it. This is not uncommon. The hearing aid has cost a lot of money and it is therefore a shame that it is no longer used. Many people who have bought their hearing aid privately try to resell the hearing aid to friends or find buyers through online marketplaces.

This brings with it many disadvantages. Not every hearing aid is suitable for every hearing loss. This makes it difficult to find a suitable buyer. In addition, the warranty is no longer available, which means the buyer takes a high risk if repairs or defects occur. In addition, the hearing aid has not been professionally cleaned and it is not guaranteed that the hearing aid will work properly.

Free inquiry: sell your hearing aid in 4 steps
1. fill out our contact form. You can find the contact form here

2. send us your request form

3. we will tell you how much we could pay for your hearing aid

Within a few days you will receive a quote from us. If you agree to our offer, you send us the hearing aids. We will pay the shipping costs. When we receive your hearing aids, we check if the condition is as described. If it is correct, you will immediately receive the agreed price from us. After that you don't have to worry about anything! You not only earn money, but also protect the environment and give someone else a lot of joy.

Your hearing aids will be checked by our master hearing care professionals
Your hearing aids will be checked by our hearing aid acoustician masters, cleaned, wear parts will be replaced. We then offer the refurbished hearing aids to our customers and search for a suitable buyer outside Germany. This way you can earn money with your hearing aid that you no longer use and make someone else happy! More information about selling your hearing aid? Contact us now! or fill out our contact form.

Get your price calculated and fill out our contact form.

There are many reasons to sell your used hearing aids
There are several reasons why a hearing aid may have ended up in a drawer. You may have bought the wrong hearing aid that doesn't meet your needs. You may have also purchased a new hearing aid and the old hearing aid is no longer needed. A hearing aid can still be worth money, so contact us now and we'll get you a quote.

It couldn't be easier (IMPORTANT: This only works for private payers): Request a price now using the contact form.

Click here if you want to sell your used hearing aids.

Looking for new hearing aids?
By the way, we sell new hearing aids online and make hearing aid fittings via smartphone. So you can buy hearing aids contact-free. Of course we also have all accessories in our assortment. Feel free to check out our webshop.