Payment by invoice
If you choose to pay by invoice, Klarna Bank AB will execute the payment process for MySecondEar.

When paying by invoice you always receive the goods first and then you have a payment term of 14 days. You can transfer the amount or have it debited automatically on the due date. So you can also take payment breaks via Klarna. You can also extend the payment period of the invoice up to 60 days for a small fee or change to an installment purchase.

What are the advantages of paying via Klarna Invoice?
Flexible payment breaks possible
Exact overview of amounts and payment terms
Convenient payment by direct debit possible - immediately or on the desired date
Simple reservation of returns

New: Use the advantages of flexible payments by installments now
If you decide to pay by installments, Klarna Bank AB will execute the payment process for MySecondEar.

Payment by Klarna installment
If you have chosen Klarna as payment method for your order, you can choose the option installment purchase through our provider Klara and arrange a flexible installment payment. For this you need an account with Klarna. There the installment contract will be arranged directly with you.

The Klarna installment purchase with flexible or fixed installments helps you to pay at your own pace and spread the costs over up to 24 months.

There are two flexible ways to split your purchase over time.
Flexible month-to-month
Flexible installments for up to 24 months, with no fixed term commitment. You decide how much you want to pay each month. You can pay the balance in full or make the minimum monthly payment. The minimum payment is only 6,95 € /month or 1/24 of the total amount. Interest will be charged.