Remote Adjustment Procedure

Based on your hearing test, your new hearing aids will be preset and sent to your home. Once they arrive, you can start preparing for the remote fitting. This includes downloading the app corresponding to the manufacturer, creating an account, and a general setup of the app. The next step is to establish a connection between the hearing aids and your smartphone to allow your hearing care professional to access them in the future.

After wearing your new devices for a few days to try them out, make an appointment here for remote fitting. To start the remote fitting process, you will receive a code just before it begins, for certain manufacturers, or you can log in directly to the app. In it, you join the video call of your hearing care professional with just a few clicks. From now on, all you have to do is sit back and relax: Your hearing care professional asks about your hearing experience over the past few days, then connects remotely to your hearing aids and uses a measurement to check whether the setting fits with your connection. Based on your hearing experience and the audiogram data, you can make fine adjustments. The entire process is always based on your feedback and individual needs. Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of free remote fitting appointments as often as you like over a period of six years.

Remote fitting - can I do it too?

Provided you have an Internet connection and a compatible smartphone, the answer to this is clearly yes! Basically, remote fitting differs from on-site fitting only in that your hearing care professional is not within the usual 1 to 2 meter distance from you. However, it is still a face-to-face consultation, which provides the opportunity for direct feedback and asking questions.

Advantages of remote fitting

A remote fitting sounds unthinkable to many hearing aid users at first. There are fears of qualitative disadvantages or the need for technical knowledge. But quite the opposite is true: digital remote fitting is technically equivalent, requires only basic use of your smartphone, and also offers a number of advantages over on-site fitting:

  1. Problems are solved where they occur - Digital remote fitting makes it possible to adjust your hearing aids in real, everyday listening situations and environments. This increases the likelihood of a successful fitting.
  2. Dependent of location - No matter where you are currently located, a remote fitting is possible at any time. The only exception here is the initial appointment, where a quiet environment is required. This is helpful not only if you want changes for specific environments, but also if you don't want to make your vacation or travel plans around your appointment with your hearing care professional.
  3. Time savings - The independence of location results in enormous time savings, because annoying journeys and the search for parking spaces are completely eliminated. Through this, you save at the same time in economic terms - neither train tickets nor fuel costs or parking fees await you.
  4. Flexible - The flexibility of the digital form of your hearing aid fitting arises on the one hand from the local independence, which makes it easier for you to choose appointments within a full working week. For another, remote fitting appointments with MySecondEar require little lead time, further enhancing the convenience of the process.
  5. Corona compliant - Non-contact, interpersonal encounters are more relevant than ever in times like these. Accordingly, a great advantage of the digital offer is that it is 100% corona compliant and you do not expose yourself to any risk of contagion. Nevertheless, it does not mean that it is an impersonal meeting: Through the video function, you speak and see your favorite acoustician exactly as you would on site!

How do I book a remote fitting?

Distance adjustments can be booked at any time here.

You are welcome to schedule a follow-up appointment directly with your hearing care professional at the end of each appointment to ensure long-term care from them.