MySecondEar GmbH

Regensburg Street 5

10777 Berlin


Phone: 030 81474953




Niklas Spichalsky, Julian Alexander Stechert

Registered at the district court Berlin-Charlottenburg, Registration number: HRB 213510 B

Responsible master hearing aid acoustician: Klaus Dreier (master hearing aid acoustician)

The professional title "Hearing Aid Acoustician" was awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany

Member of the Chamber of Crafts Berlin, membership number: 0136335

Responsible for own contents of MySecondEar GmbH according to § 55 RStV & § 5 TMG: Julian Stechert

Bank details:

MySecondEar GmbH

Bank: solarisBank AG

IBAN: DE82110101002252004222


Sales tax ID: DE327944695

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