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We often hear it: people have a hearing aid bought, then don't wear it. This isn't unusual. The hearing aid cost a lot of money and it is therefore a shame that it is no longer used. Many people who bought their hearing aid privately try to resell the hearing aid to friends or find buyers via online marketplaces.

This brings many disadvantages. Not every hearing aid is suitable for any hearing loss. That makes it difficult to find a suitable buyer. Furthermore, the warranty is no longer present, which means the buyer is taking a high risk when repairs or defects occur. Furthermore, the hearing aid is not technically cleaned and it does not ensure that the hearing aid works properly.

Free Request: Sell your hearing aid in 4 steps

1. Photograph your hearing aids

2. Fill our Contact form The contact form you will find here

3. Send us your application form

4. We will inform you how much we could pay for your hearing aid

Within days, you will receive an offer from us. If you agree to our offer, you'll send us the hearing aids we'll take over the shipping costs. If we have received your hearing aids, we will check if the condition matches the described one. If that is correct, you will receive the agreed price from us immediately. After that, you don't have to worry about anything anymore! You don't just deserve money, but you protect the environment and give someone else a lot of joy.

Your hearing aids are tested by our hearing aid acoustics masters

Your hearing aids are tested, cleaned, wear parts are exchanged by our hearing aid acoustics masters. We offer the general overhauled hearing aids to our customers and look for a suitable buyer outside Germany. This way you can make money and make someone else happy with your hearing aid that you don't use anymore! Further information on the sale of your hearing aids? Contact us now!or fill our contact form out.

Let your price calculate and fill our contact form out.

There are many reasons to sell your used hearing aids

There are various reasons why a hearing aid landed in a drawer. A false hearing aid may have been purchased that does not meet your wishes and requirements. You may have bought a new hearing aid too and the old hearing aid is no longer needed. A hearing aid can still be worth cash, so contact us now and we'll give you an offer.

It's not easier (MAIN: This only goes for private payers): Now Price request about the contact form


Click here to sell your used hearing aids.


You're looking for new hearing aids?

By the way, we sell new hearing aids online and make adjustments to hearing aids via the smartphone. This allows you to buy hearing aids without contact. Of course we also have all Accessories in our range. Please look at our webshop