Benefits of Digital Adaptation of Hearing Aids

MySecondEar is the hearing care professional of the future. With our remotely adjustable hearing aids, you don't have to go to the hearing care professional, but can easily get in touch with us via your smartphone. When purchasing hearing aids from MySecondEar, an excellent initial adjustment of your device is included, individually adapted to your hearing and further adjustment over the distance. Further costs for further adjustments and repairs can be found in our overview.


1. Time savings and flexibility in hearing aid adjustment

Thanks to our digital adaptations, we can integrate our common appointments as flexibly as possible into your daily routine. So our appointments are simple and uncomplicated. Dhe remote adaptations, i.e. the setting of your hearing aids, are taken over by trained acousticians in our own Berlin master workshop. This not only saves you time, but also does not have to stress yourself in order to keep to stationary opening hours.

2. Problem-oriented hearing aid settings

Another advantage of digital remote fittings is that we make your hearing aid adjustment live in real listening situations, relaxed from work or from home. This also means that we don't have to simulate soundscapes in an acoustic studio, but can solve hearing problems where they occur. This leads to improved hearing care.

3. Immediate support for hearing aid adjustment

Digital hearing aid adjustments allow us to to stay in closer contact with you. We can respond to real-time feedback and make adjustments directly. We are everywhere you need us. Trained acousticians and experienced customer advisors can be reached free of charge via hotline and e-mail at any time. You don't have to wait for an appointment or drive past. We want you to be happy, listen well and not wait for dates.


Which hearing aid manufacturers offer digital customizations?

Almost every hearing aid manufacturer now has the possibility to make remote settings and remote adjustments digitally. The different manufacturers differ only in the scope of the possibilities. 

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