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Interton Hörgerät 6 / Akku RIC Interton Move Interton Hörgerät 6 / RIC Interton Move
Interton Interton Move
From $790
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Interton Hörgerät 6 / RIC Interton Ready Interton Hörgerät 6 / HdO Interton Ready
Interton Interton Ready
From $700

Interton hearing aids

The company called Interton has been around for more than 60 years now. The company was founded in Cologne, Germany. Today the company belongs to the Danish GN Group. The goal is to produce on the one hand inexpensive, on the other hand functional hearing aids. People should be able to hear better in an uncomplicated way and thus compensate for hearing loss. The hearing aids are sold by Interton in more than 70 countries worldwide.

If you want to be active again despite your hearing loss, you should consider a good hearing aid. In recent years, technical development has progressed greatly. The housings are getting smaller and smaller, yet the modern hearing aids shine with the latest digital technology and performance.

The company Interton

In 1962, the company Interton was founded by Hans Herbert Türk and Helmuth J. Türk in the German city of Cologne. Part of the Danish GN Group only since 2005, Interton's goal is to give people with hearing problems a better life again through "Essential Hearing".

The focus is on:

  • price-performance ratio
  • ease of use
  • compactness
  • comfort
  • speech intelligibility

These devices are sold by Interton in more than 70 countries around the world.

The latest Interton hearing aids

You can choose from a wide variety of styles if you want an Interton hearing aid. For example, you are welcome to choose a behind-the-ear hearing aid so that the sound can be delivered into the ear canal via a sound tube. If you have either profound or severe hearing loss, it may be this option.

Perhaps a behind the ear model, or an open fitting would work well for you. This way you will never feel like your ear is blocked. You enjoy maximum freedom with this solution. Of course, the same is true for Interton's in-the-ear hearing aids. These are, of course, individually fitted. This makes them visually inconspicuous and at the same time very comfortable for the wearer.

Of course, a combination of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids is also possible - we are talking about the so-called RIC hearing systems. The housing is located directly behind the ear. The receiver is located directly in your ear canal. This offers many advantages in terms of sound quality.

The technology levels and differences of Interton hearing aids

Most of Interton's products have a total of four performance levels. These also relate to the price and complexity of the hearing aids. Interton has the highest technology level with the number 6. If you have a high demand or maintain an active lifestyle, technology level six is particularly suitable for hearing aids from Interton.

Otherwise, of course, you also have the option of choosing a medium technology level of three and four, such Interton hearing aids also offer. If you have typical hearing situations, which are predictable and the requirements in your everyday life are simple, it may be technology level four or three.

The simplest technological level for Interton hearing aids refers to the technology level with the number 2. This level is suitable for small group conversations in a quiet environment, one-on-one conversations and wearers who are less socially active. With it, of course, you can also watch excellent television.

Interton Hearing Aids Cost

Interton Hearing Aids cost between $700 and $1,290 per single Hearing Aid depending on the Hearing Aid model and Technology Level.

Interton Hearing Aid Price List 2022

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Interton Move From $790
Interton Ready From $700