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Phonak Paradise Review

Phonak Audeo Paradise is a completely new and innovative product line. It replaces the previous Phonak Marvel model. A new chip and innovative motion sensors are used in the hearing aid.

The new Auto-Sense software constantly scans the hearing environment for you and provides fine-tuning for an optimal hearing experience. The built-in microphones and noise control adjust to the situation at hand. The hassle of adjusting the device is now a thing of the past.

The experience of our clients confirms the comfortable and easy use of Phonak Paradise. The hearing aid can be connected directly to streaming services for music and television. It can be connected to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth. This is particularly practical when you need to be reachable. A total of eight Bluetooth-enabled devices can be stored simultaneously.

With just one tap, you can accept calls via the hearing aid. The streaming is then simply paused during this time and resumed later. A hands-free function is also supported. The phone can simply be left in your pocket.

The Google Assistant is happy to read your messages to you. You can also use it to control your programs on the phone. This works by means of voice commands.

Phonak Paradise provides you with a good sound quality.

The Phonak Parad ise provides good hearing quality in any situation. Hearing quality is quite subjective. But this is also confirmed by the numerous Phonak Paradise experiences of our customers. Above all, Phonak's new audio system supports you in this. This means that it does not matter what hearing situation you are in. Your discreet hearing aid will not let you down in any situation.

Do you like to listen to your favorite music in the best sound quality? You don't want to have to ask several times in personal conversations? With Phonak Paradise this is no problem. During phone calls, your voice remains clear and intelligible to the caller. This eliminates comprehension problems.

While moving, you can still have a relaxed conversation. You don't even have to turn your head to do this. You can rely on the support of the motion sensors. This allows you to continue to follow the conversation in a relaxed manner. The hearing aid constantly checks the environment and makes fine adjustments during the conversation.

Longer distances are no longer a problem with the Phonak Paradise. It doesn't matter if the person you are talking to is in another room or right next to you. You will understand them without any problems. The Phonak Parad ise also offers an uncomplicated sound experience in quiet situations. It then adapts to the sound level so you can still hear it. This means you no longer have to be spoken to in a loud tone. A conversation at normal volume is uncomplicated with the Phonak Paradise.

Simple and easy connection to phone and TV

Connecting the Phonak Parad ise to your smartphone is very straightforward. This is done very simply via Bluetooth. Once it has worked, the Phonak Paradise is connected to all important services and ready for use.

In addition, the hearing aid can be further adjusted with the myPhonak app. Your hearing aid is thus quickly adjusted to your individual needs.

Would you like more bass? Or is there something about the sound that bothers you? You can easily fix that yourself on your smartphone. Even with a rough setting in advance, you can start right away and enjoy excellent understanding. Subsequent fine-tuning further enhances your experience.

Improved user-friendliness through additional functions

Numerous additional features improve the comfort of your hearing instrument.

Phonak TV Connector

With the Phonak TV Connector, sound is transmitted directly to the hearing aid. This allows you to relax and watch TV without disturbing other members of the household.

Remote Control

The Phonak Remote Control allows you to make additional changes to the device. For example, the volume or the listening programs.

Phonak Roger

The Roger accessory range provides better speech understanding in very complex listening situations. For example, the Roger Select can help you.

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