Online-Hörtest: Jetzt kostenlos Ihr Gehör testen

Online hearing test

Hearing loss takes on various dimensions that can lead beyond limitations in everyday hearing to physical, social or even psychological consequences. To prevent far-reaching consequences, early detection of hearing impairment by means of a hearing test is essential. If you suspect a reduction in your hearing performance, a free hearing test from home can provide clarification.

What is an online hearing test?

An online hearing test is a time-efficient version of a hearing test, which provides an assessment of hearing performance in just a few minutes. The goal is to detect hearing loss early and take appropriate action. The implementation is free of charge for you at MySecondEar supplementary and can be run through in a few minutes from the comfort of your home. It is important to note that the self-performed test not replaces the professional examination by a hearing care professional or ear, nose and throat specialist. Rather, it provides an initial assessment of the likelihood of the presence of hearing loss.

What do I need for an online hearing test?

  • Laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Headphones (recommended)
  • Quiet environment

How does the hearing test work online?

You will first be guided through setting the appropriate volume so that the test is as meaningful as possible. Then the test section begins, which plays audio frequencies at different volumes. This is followed by content questions, which are answered by selecting from several possible solutions.

To increase the accuracy of the result, you should perform the hearing test with headphones if possible. If unilateral hearing impairment is suspected, in-ear headphones can also be used to perform it unilaterally.

What happens after the online hearing test?

Finally, you will be notified of the results of your free online hearing test by email. You will have the option to book a no-obligation consultation appointment to discuss the results with one of our hearing care professionals. If the result is indicative of hearing impairment, you should in any case consult an ear, nose and throat specialist or make an appointment directly at a MySecondEar- branch to receive a professional hearing test. Only here can your hearing needs be accurately determined and finally a detailed consultation on possible solutions take place.