What is special about hearing aid manufacturer Oticon?

Oticon is originally a hearing aid manufacturer from Denmark. The company has existed for more than 100 years. Hearing aids are built, which are sold and distributed in more than 100 countries around the world. Oticon hearing aids are also leading in Germany. For this reason, more than 3000 employees work for Oticon worldwide.

Oticon, as you may know, is the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. The company's headquarters are still in Denmark. The company is part of the William Demant Holding Group. It is also the oldest hearing aid manufacturer. Since it was founded, the company has developed many innovative hearing aids.

These include, for example: Syncro, Epoq and Opn. Hearing aids are not only manufactured and developed for adults, but also for children. This is exactly the reason why Oticon is the exception among the major device manufacturers. Oticon also operates its own research center. More than 350 people are employed there. As a result, there is continuous technical Innovations and further developments. When it comes to modern hearing aids, Oticon covers the entire product range. That's why you are sure to find the hearing aid you want for your needs.

The corporate philosophy

The Oticon company was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant. He wanted to help his own hard-of-hearing wife with the hearing aids and development. Since then, people have always come first because that is the company's goal. The board of directors is not classic, like in other companies. The control is carried out by the Oticon Foundation, an Oticon foundation. This is dedicated to the growth of companies and provides people with Hearing loss Ahead.

Oticon has its own research center to keep bringing new developments to market. In addition, there are over 1000 people as test subject groups to test these new hearing aids. Therefore, you can find all types and shapes of hearing aids - even those that are anchored to the bones are offered by the subsidiary Oticon Medical.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned non-profit organization supports initiatives for people Hearing impairments around the world. To this end, the foundation finances global aid campaigns to distribute hearing aids in third world countries. The company also runs a special recycling program. Donated and Second hand Hearing aids are reprocessed so that people in developing countries can also get support.

The Oticon parent company also operates the hearing aid manufacturers Sonic Innovations and Bernafon. Bernafon also has the particularly striking Supremia and Zerena models. Sonic is also particularly known for the Enchant, Celebrate, Cheer, Journey, Bliss, Charm, Pep and Flip models.

Finally, it should be noted that Oticon Medical is the best choice for surgically implanted system solutions.

The most modern and cutting edge hearing aids from Oticon

At Oticon you will find all technology levels, price ranges and sizes if you need a hearing aid. The current coronations are the models: Opn, Opn S and Siya.

No matter what degree of Hearing loss you have - Oticon offers you exactly the right hearing aid with its extensive product range. Even if you have a problem with one Tinnitus you can solve this problem with Oticon hearing aids.

Due to the fact that the Prices for such hearing aids vary greatly between 1000 and 4000 euros, you can ask us consultation to fetch.

Like other hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon classifies its own models according to performance and technological features. So you will find exactly the right one for your budget or for your lifestyle.

Would you like to enjoy special functions, for example, such as a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection? The current Oticon hearing aid models also offer this for everyday use and your needs.

You will find three different hearing aids in the Oticon Performance line. However, these are all based on the modern Inium Sense platform. The names are: Alta 2 pro, Nera 2 pro and Ria 2 pro. A very special chip is integrated in the models. This offers you 30% better computing power, but the power consumption is still minimal. If you are a cost-conscious customer, there are special solutions for you. In this case, you can, for example, choose a model that offers the basic functions and technologies. You won't break your budget with that.

You can program all Oticon hearing aids digitally. No matter what diagnosis you have for your Hearing loss - you can always configure and adjust Oticon hearing aids individually. To do this, you select one of the various hearing aid styles and look for the right color. If you like, you can always have a wireless connection to external devices, such as a Smartphone, a tablet, or a phone.

Premium hearing aids with a particularly fast sound processor - Oticon Opn

This hearing aid is the most modern from Oticon. The Velox platform is responsible for this. This offers an extremely high speed. This makes it easier for the hearing aid to analyze and compensate for sounds. After all, the filtering is quick and the noise is completely eliminated. For this purpose, different sound sources are recorded and analyzed by the platform, or processed at lightning speed. It happens 50 times faster than ever before. The ultra-fast chip is responsible for this. This was developed for five years. The speed is unparalleled.

The frequency resolution with 64 band is market leading. So you can enjoy a more precise sound analysis. The sound quality is much better. With the hearing aid you can support your brain in understanding the sound better. The most powerful device within the series is the Opn S. This is where the so-called BrainHearing technology is used. This means that a special hearing profile is programmed for you. This makes it easier to hear in noisy environments. Overall, this hearing aid offers a 360 ° scan. This makes it easier for you to understand language for normal hearing in your everyday life.

Bluetooth, noise cancellation, long battery life - everything your heart desires

Did you know that with the Oticon hearing aid you can enjoy a fully integrated internet connection? It is the first device in the world to offer such a function. This opens up new possibilities for you. Among other things, you can connect your hearing aid to household items, such as a thermostat, the digital baby monitor or a digital doorknob, if available. When someone rings the doorbell, you can tell by a soft ring, for example. You can also pair your hearing aid with the WiFi connection and the network. You may want to use your hearing aid with your Smart home get in touch.

Oticon hearing aids can filter out the language that is important for you and suppress the unimportant sounds. This creates a dynamic sound experience. During this time, the sounds always remain tied to the context. In addition, background noise is simply eliminated. This ensures natural sound processing. Oticon hearing aids make significant fundamental progress. You will quickly notice this when you wear it.

While Oticon hearing aids are processing multiple sounds at the same time, the volume is adjusted immediately. In addition, everything happens in real time. As a result, you enjoy an improved sound experience. The OpenSound Navigator and Spatial Sound LX technology ensure optimal quality. In addition, the environment is searched 100 times per second for audio input. The real-time information can create a balanced listening landscape.

You can enjoy the Bluetooth connectivity of Oticon Premium hearing aids for faster signal processing. This improves the quality of the sounds. Background noise is efficiently prevented. This will allow you to know the language better and determine where the sound is coming from. The latest and most modern Oticon hearing aids manage to analyze and process several sound sources at the same time.

You can recharge the batteries, and you can also use a wireless connection to transfer information directly from your iPhone, for example. Other electronic hearing aids are also possible for such transmissions. You can use various applications for this.

The iPhone Oticon hearing aid - the Oticon Siya

Are you looking for a very compatible hearing aid because you might have one iPhone owns? If you can't invest too much money, this option is for you. The Velox platform processes the signals 50 times faster than other products from the competition. You can convince yourself of that.

With this Hearing aid you never have to wait long for your device to adjust to the listening environment, it happens instantly. The compression and volume are also adjusted quickly and instantly. It happens automatically. As a result, you enjoy a very stable listening experience. Other hearing aids cannot offer you this. The change takes place in a short time to the respective hearing options. These depend on the current sound environment you are in. The Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX technology is responsible for this. Both the versatility and the high speed are a huge advantage.

With this hearing aid, you can go to a restaurant without getting a headache. This is ensured by the noise reduction. Background noise is suppressed, you understand the language. The same applies to the suppression of wind noise outdoors. The Transient Noise Management helps you and protects you from too loud noises.

Sophisticated algorithms are used for this. Loud noises are identified immediately when they occur. The suppression takes place immediately. Voice information is retained. Temporary noise signals such as a bang or other are immediately converted and suppressed. That's why you can always hear well.

You enjoy a 2 GHz Bluetooth technologywhich is very energy efficient. You can establish a connection to any suitable Bluetooth device. With it you can use your iPhone, a headset, a computer or the tablet and transfer all audio content you want.

Oticon hearing aids for severe or profound hearing loss

You may have severe or profound hearing loss. In this case, the Oticon hearing aid called Dynamo is particularly suitable for you. It is a behind the ear hearing aid with an amplifier. This is powered by a 13 V. battery operated.

You make your choice from four available prices or from seven different colors for this model. The sound quality is particularly noteworthy. You also use Inium Sense technology, Speech Guard E, Speech Rescue and YouMatic here. Overall, it improves your understanding of the language.

Oticon hearing aids for tinnitus

You may suffer from one Tinnitus. So that you get support here, it can be the right Oticon hearing aid for you. Opn and Siya models have exactly the therapy functions that you need for your tinnitus therapy. The SoundSupport ensures this with different noises. You can buy the Alta 2, Nera 2 and Ria 2 models as options. The range of different possible tones for suppression is very broad.

The additional device Streamer Pro also makes it possible to use your Tinnitus suppress and mask. You can transfer the tones from your smartphone or your iPhone to your hearing aid. This is how you suppress yours Tinnitus. How about some music straight from the Smartphone or from the TV? You choose your tones yourself. You are also welcome to have this transferred from the computer. So you can train your brain optimally to block out the tinnitus.

Oticon offers hearing aids for children

Oticon also offers a huge range of children's hearing aids. These include, for example, the Sensei hearing aids from Oticon. These are used for severe or severe hearing loss. For children the RITE or behind the ear hearing aids are particularly suitable. In-ear hearing aids are less useful, because they have to be adapted individually. Children's hearing aids are available in numerous colors and also with stickers. The Oticon hearing aid can be personalized and is therefore child-friendly. The Sensei Oticon hearing aids offer the following functions:

  • The battery flaps are tamper-proof
  • Fall protection and shock protection
  • Dustproofness and waterproofness
  • robust housing constructors
  • the LED indicates whether the hearing aid is working properly

It can also be used for older children or for young people. In this case there are interesting connection options, such as for the iPhone.

Oticon accessories for hearing aids

Oticon provides you with additional accessories that help you with the technologies in everyday life. A particularly advantageous multifunctional accessory is, for example, the ConnectClip. This is suitable for Opn and Siya hearing aids, with it, for example, a telephone call can be transmitted. The same applies to other audio content.

You can also use it in sports facilities, when driving, at church services or at a meeting, for example. You can transfer the content from the television directly to your hearing aid. Other media can also be used. The best thing to do is get it App for your iPhone or your smartphone. So you can use your hearing aid perfectly to adjust.

You get the most out of the ON app when you create an account. You can choose your hearing programs or conveniently adjust the volume. Use different sound sources for this. You can connect the Connectline accessories to Alta 2, Nera 2, Ria 2 and Dynamo hearing aids.

If you want to establish a Bluetooth connection, the Oticon Streamer Pro can be used as an additional device. So everything can be transferred to your Oticon hearing aid. Your hearing aid becomes like a wireless headset. However, the sound quality is not impressed and there are no delays in the transmission.

You use three simple buttons for operation, the device is hung around your neck. Incidentally, streamers are also used by Phonak, Signia or Starkey offered. Overall, the battery pack this variant for 8 hours.

However, you cannot connect all Oticon hearing aids if you use them wirelessly on road want to be. There are many hearing aids that can be connected to Bluetooth.

Older hearing aids from Oticon

In the course of your research, you may have come across older models of Oticon devices. You can no longer buy the following: Alta, Nera, Ria, Chili, Safari, Intiga or Agil.

We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions about older Oticon devices. If necessary, just contact us!

Expand your world of sound with Oticon Agile

This series can compensate a lot for you in everyday life with hearing problems. The neural processes create a better understanding of the language in your everyday life. The sound sources are localized automatically. You will receive specific language-related information. In this way, you can specifically distinguish the background noise from the human voice. As a result, you can communicate much better in a noisy environment. Overall, the price for these models starts at around 1800 euros without cash benefits.

Perfect speech understanding with Oticon Intiga

This hearing aid supports you for perfect speech understanding if you have hearing problems. No details are lost, the sounds are authentic and natural. In addition, the spatial sound should be emphasized positively, because you can spatially localize sound sources. Since the hearing aids of this variant are hardly made very compact, they are hardly noticeable. Bluetooth transmission is also possible, a charged one battery you use it for about 100 hours.

Small and inconspicuous - the Oticon Acto

You benefit from an extremely good price-performance ratio with this model series. Background noises are automatically reduced, you understand the language of your conversation partner clearly and effectively. Especially since the automatic data exchange is a special feature of this range of hearing aids. You can expect 1500 euros without health insurance benefits.

Natural, full sounds with the Oticon Ino

With these models you can enjoy an enormously large frequency bandwidth of acoustic signals, which they reach up to 8 kHz. That is why you can enjoy full and natural sounds. The language is automatically highlighted, background noises are faded out. As a wearer, you can enjoy optimal wearing comfort and a relaxed listening experience. You can also establish a Bluetooth connection via ConnectLine products. The subtle design should also be emphasized. Prices start at around 1500 euros depending on the model without Cash benefits.

Oticon Hit, Chili and Sumo

If you are looking for an entry-level model from Oticon, you are well advised with these variants. Since this has a long battery life and is comfortable to wear, it is particularly popular. In addition, these hearing aids work very reliably and shine with modern technology and a long service life. Depending on the version, the entry price of these models is 1200 euros without cash benefits.

Overview of the different Oticon hearing aids





Adults, children, tinnitus function, iPhone compatible


Opn S

Adults, tinnitus function, iPhone compatible


Opn play




Adults, tinnitus function, iPhone compatible


Alta 2

Adults, tinnitus function optional


Nera 2

Adults, tinnitus function optional


Ria 2

Adults, tinnitus function optional



Children, super power optional



Adult, super power hearing aid









Adult, entry-level model