Die Geschichte der Hörgeräte

The story behind your hearing aid

There are a total of 2.5 million people in Germany who use a hearing aid to improve their hearing. Are you already one of them?

Hearing impairment and hearing loss accompany humans from the very beginning and are by far not a Problem of modern society. Since human beings exist, hearing loss has been part of their reality. In earlier times, a good hearing ensured the survival of hunters and collectors. Even then, hearing loss meant for those affected that their abilities were correspondingly limited.

Today microchip, formerly hearing funnel

The German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who lived in the 18th century, also suffered from hearing loss. Of course, there was no digital technology yet, but even then you knew how to help yourself with a very clever invention. Ludwig van Beethoven was able to use a so-called listening tube. This is a pipe bent lengthwise, at the ends of which there are funnels. With such a hearing tube, a gain of up to 30 dB could be achieved even then be.


The earlier contemporaries did not even dream of today's possibilities to improve hearing. The development of hearing aids is progressing rapidly, and modern digital hearing systems of today shine with an enormous capacity, which continues to grow. The latest generations have smart microchips inside.

Future music

Recently, a team of researchers was even awarded the German Future Prize for development in the field of hearing aids. The scientists have developed a special system that enables spatial and natural hearing.


The technological development for today's mobile devices has not yet reached the end. We can also look forward to further research results and developments in the future that will make hearing with hearing aids enormously easier. More and more functions are added. The latest generation of hearing aids can even transmit the sound from Laptops, music systems or televisions. The same applies to mobile phone calls and phone calls. These can be guided without any cables, if a modern hearing system is used.


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