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What's better? One or two hearing aids?

Are you looking for a suitable hearing aid? Then you might also ask yourself whether you should wear a hearing aid on both ears or if a single one is easy. You might want to ask yourself this question, because you want to calculate the costs for your hearing aid and want to know. So that you can better place your decision, all the interesting information has been compiled for you here. Above all, the optimal benefit for your hearing aid should be in the foreground, if you meet your choice. The best way to listen is if you choose a hearing aid for both ears. Of course, the situation is always to be considered individually.

German radio scientists have made it!

Did you know that German auditors have succeeded in developing a very special technique for a more accurate hearing system? This means that both hearing aids are coupled to one another in synchronism and in a wireless manner and are coordinated with one another. The communication of these two hearing aids is carried out automatically and automatically by radio. The data is exchanged directly with each other. This means for you that a self-contained hearing system is created from both individual hearing aids on the ears.

Both ears for spatial hearing 

[0050] For the carrier of a hearing aid, it is a significant advantage that the hearing is strongly supported in the event of possible damage to both devices. An interaction is necessary, however, so that it comes to the so-called spatial hearing. A different term for this is the two-ear effect. 

The intensity and the sound direction from a sound source can be classified within a very short time, which is possible due to the wireless coupling of a modern hearing system. Priorities will also be brought into line with this. By the way, there is even a natural distinction between noise noise, such as environmental noise and useful sound, for example, by language. This will all be communicated to your hearing. As a result, you will be happy about an authentic and harmonious sound. Modern hearing systems do not have a problem even if the hearing situation is very demanding.

Two hearing aids are more advantageous

Unfortunately, this modern development in hearing aid technology cannot be used with a single hearing aid. Therefore, it is very rarely advisable to wear a single hearing aid. Only if the other ear is completely numb, or you have the hearing loss only on one side is an exception to it. Otherwise, it always makes sense to have two hearing aids adjusted.

Get advice from a hearing aid acoustician

We will assist you with specially trained hearing aid acousticians when it comes to the adaptation of your hearing aid. In Germany alone, more than 1 million hearing aids are adjusted each year. All in all, you have the choice of more than 2000 models from well-known hearing aid manufacturers.

The variety is filtered for you by a well-trained hearing aid acoustician. For this reason, you will receive an optimal and individual consultation. We will inform you about all the essential details so that you can make your decision. In this way, we will find an optimal hearing solution for you. Of course, you are free to search for information on your own on the Internet. However, we recommend an early consultation by a hearing aid acoustician from us. We would be happy to give you a free and personal advice.

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